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Monday, July 17, 2006

Thank You Training Camp Previews

Finally, back to some poor analysis of NFL teams! My heart would sing for joy if it wasn't burning from six spicy Sloppy Joe sandwiches in the past couple of days (slow cookers rule!).

From and Sports XChange:

On Dallas:

For the first time since the days of Troy Aikman, the Cowboys enter a second straight season with no concerns about the quarterback position.

Drew Bledsoe is the man in Dallas. After completing 60.1 percent of his passes for 3,639 yards and 23 touchdowns last season, he more than proved Buffalo made a mistake in letting him go. Bledsoe still holds the ball too long and makes too many mistakes, including 17 interceptions last year. But he was also undone by poor blocking (49 sacks) and an inability to make plays on the outside. The explosive Owens should make him a better quarterback.

If your team has Drew Bledsoe at quarterback, one phrase you should never hear is that you now have no worries at that position. Even their own analysis talks about his poor decision making under pressure. Let me put it this way..... a team with an old Drew Bledsoe at quarterback is not going to win the Super Bowl. Not going to happen. Remember, Drew had a pretty doggone good first season in Buffalo. Remember season numero 2?

On the Giants:

(Brandon) Jacobs, a rookie last year who became the designated short-yardage and goal line ball carrier and got nine touchdowns. He had trouble with the playbook, especially blitz pickups, and worked all during the off-season with the coaching staff. He could be something special.

Or he could be, at best, T.J. Duckett, but stupider and more prone to fumbling. One of the two.

On the Eagles:

Strictly from a talent standpoint, difference-making Terrell Owens will be missed. But the Eagles feel they have a competent group of wideouts that will thrive in their spread-the-ball-around offense. Brown shined as a rookie, catching 43 passes, and is ready, willing and able to replace Owens as McNabb's go-to receiver. Pinkston, who missed all of last season with an Achilles injury, is a vertical threat, but occasionally has displayed a lack of heart. Gaffney, is the wild card. He is an excellent route-runner who caught 55 passes for Houston last year and will be used mainly as the slot receiver in three-wide receiver sets.

So, you take away the best wide receiver in the game and that deduction merits one sentence? Second, my guess is that Brown didn't "shined" as a rookie. He, perhaps, SHONE, but that would take actual writing talent. Plus, 43 receptions isn't super-awesome. Sorry. Second, saying that Pinkston has occasionally displayed a lack of heart is like saying that Paris Hilton has occasionally been perceived as being loose. Finally, Gaffney is not going to be the solution to anyone's problems. He's a decent #3 receiver at best that can't create any openings for himself. Overall, this group is perhaps the main reason why the Eagles aren't making a great deal of noise this season.

Final thought: The only reason that the Eagles offense can be considered "spread it around" now is because T.O. and his 100 catches and 20 TD's are out the door. This was not a "spread it around" offense, it's an offense with no great players outside of McNabb, which necessitates spreading it around. The best offenses have great players, and THEN spread it around, a.k.a. Indy, Seattle, New England, and St. Louis.

On the Redskins:

However, Brunell endured a rocky second half and seven awful quarters in the playoffs. When his legs aren't right, neither is his arm. Can he have a strong full season at 36? Todd Collins, who knows Saunders' system cold from five years with the Chiefs, is insurance in case 2005 first-rounder Jason Campbell shows that he isn't quite ready to be the heir apparent during an extensive look this summer.

Answer to their first question: Probably not. 36 year old quarterbacks generally aren't the most reliable as the season rolls along. They seem to wear down due to the fact that they are older. Now, Brunell gets all his momentum and accuracy from throwing in motion. Logical conclusion: Redskins are boned from a contention standpoint. And, no, I don't think that Todd Collins (what?) is the answer. I don't care how many years he spent with Saunders. Hasselbeck had spent several years under Holmgren before he came to Seattle. He didn't succeed first time out, you know?

More to come, I am sure!

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