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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Scouts Inc is Worthless

ESPN unveiled their previews today with Scouts Inc taking on the NFC and AFC West divisions. Excited to see what there was to potentially rip on, I loaded up every one of them, only to find that they are insanely dull. Colin's wife could have written them, the level of football knowledge was so low (sorry Jenn). Most of them appear to have been done in around fifteen minutes while looking at a roster sheet. The position battles are ridiculous, like Kurt Warner versus Matt Leinart. I don't friggin' care how "amazing" Leinart has been in offseason programs, there is absolutely no way he is better prepared than Warner to lead the Cardinals starting the season. It doesn't work that way.

Speaking of odd choices, why would they assign Ken Kidd to cover the AFC West and Jeremy Green the NFC West, since that meant they actually chose to put Green in the position of writing about his father (Denny Green) and the Cardinals. Wouldn't it have been a little easier to switch that and avoid the conflict of interest?

To give you an idea of how pathetic these previews are, I'm going to boil Green's Cardinal preview down.

How big an impact will Edgerrin James have?
He's good, but the Cardinals are bad at running. We'll see what happens.

Can the offensive line produce?
They added a reject from the Texans and a guard, so they get to depend on a new coordinator. We'll see what happens.

Can Carlos Dansby step up and lead the defense?
He has issues. We'll see what happens.

Position battle: Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart
Pure unadultered opium based speculation

The player under the microscope: Edgerrin James
He's making a lot of money and needs to run.

Breakout player: Leonard Pope
He can catch the ball over the middle

Comeback player of the year: Antrel Rolle
(first off, I have huge problems with anyone putting a second year player as comeback player of the year... I think it places an absurd amount of responsibility on the first season. It's called a learning curve, jerk.) He has talent. We'll see what happens.

Offensive philosophy
They throw the ball a lot. They will try to be more "balanced".

Defensive philosophy
They blitz.

Look, I just saved you five minutes of reading fluff. All of the previews, including the one on YOUR Seattle Seahawks are just as pathetic. I highly recommend skipping all of them.

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