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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crushed Position Clarification

To clarify the Crushed Position on this whole Sonics mess...

We are NOT in favor of simply giving in to the Sonics demands for an extension of the hotel tax while they provide virtually nothing towards the arena improvements.

We ARE in favor of a new arena being partially subsidized with tax money.

There are NO actual good scenarios out there at this time, one of the more frustrating points of this whole debate. There is no voice of reason, just to say, "Well, if they would all listen to 'X', everything would be fine."

For example, before taxpayer money would be used, we would need to see a report done on why the Key Arena has gone in 10 years from being "state of the art" to "decrepit", and an analysis of the NBA economic world to further shed light on the horrific arms race in arenas everywhere... essentially, upon what deity would the Sonics swear that this would make them profitable for the forseeable future and based upon what data?

However, to all those who object to using any money, even your hero Nicky Licata was quoted yesterday as stating that millions already need to be spent on Seattle Center to bring it up to code. So one or another our money is going down the crapper... I'd at least like to be able to watch the dance team for my donation.

We can all shout and scream until we're blue in the face, but at this point we're arguing about extremes. Apparently there is no sense of compromise anywhere in this horrific system. You'd think these douches were arguing about invading Iraq.

Is any of this going to change with the OKC men in charge?

Not likely. So the tenor of the conversation even between fans isn't likely to change.

Go Seahawks.

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