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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Broussard = Awesome

Big fan of this move as well, even though it most likely means that Snelling continues to wait down in Tacoma. Choo had no place here in Seattle, while Broussard provides that much-needed left handed sock we hear so much about.

Seriously, if Ibanez gets super-psyched about hitting at SafeCo, you can predict that Broussard will like him some of that right field power alley as well. Again, SafeCo might be death to right handed hitters, but it's pretty nice to be a lefty there.

Hopefully this is a harbinger for a Sexson trade for young pitching. That would allow us to bring up Snelling as Broussard and Perez could platoon at first (exactly what Cleveland was doing). Weirdly enough, this is perhaps the first time that either Gavin or I can remember WANTING our team to trade a star-quality bat, but this time it actually makes sense, freeing up money and letting Snelling become a regular member of the lineup.

I actually like Bill Bavasi. I don't blame him for Beltre, Foppert, Reed, or even Spaz. He's always exciting around the trading deadline, and this quote of his shows that he is on the right train of thought surrounding this season:

We've been looking for a proven left-handed bat that can provide average and production and Ben has certainly done that this season. We feel like we're still a team in transition, but a team that has a chance to win this year. Ben not only helps us in 2006, we will control his contract for 2007 and 2008, so he will help us future seasons as well.

We are still a team in transition. Excellent. Exactly what I would say.

Where does today lead us? With almost ZERO questions about our lineup going forward into 2007.

C Johjima
1B Sexson
2B Lopez
SS Betancourt
3B Beltre
RF Ichiro
CF Jones
LF Ibanez
DH Broussard/Perez

What's wrong with that? Well, perhaps Sexson disappearing for some nice pitching help, allowing Snelling to join the DH club while Broussard and Perez fill in at first. Besides that, we would enter the offseason with nothing to prove and a bunch of nice young players.

With our new, Lowe-improved bullpen (if Soriano stays healthy), we would have a pennant-capable bullpen and lineup, leaving the only significant question mark the starting rotation. Unfortunately, that question mark is pretty freaking huge (another reason why trading Sexson for the right price would make sense).

Basically, we have Felix and Washburn, for sure, going forward. That's it. Moyer is the age of dirt, Pineiro pitches like dirt, and Meche.... well, let's just say that I don't want to go near him for the rest of his career. That's THREE holes to fill, a pretty whopping assignment for Bavasi.

Enter Zito. Schmidt. Matsuzake (did I spell that right?). If we can get at least ONE of those caliber of pitchers (two would be super-nice), that would just leave a hole at the #5 slot, where we could go with one of several minor-league possibilities. Suddenly, we are capable of winning 90 games, and we can actually start talking about a pennant race.

Good job, Bill. Keep it up while July 31 is still in the future.

Oh, and fire Mike Hargrove, will you? That guy sucks.

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