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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bring In The Joy

The folks over at USSMariner (subsidiary of GodCo) have broken one of the nicer stories of the season with Carl "Dino-Buddy" Everett finally getting DFA'd in return for Chris Snelling being brought up.

Also, the interesting substitution of Choo in the 2nd inning of today's Rainiers game is worth watching...

Reading comment threads after news like this is always humorous, it's similar to after a home run is hit in a live game thread.

I suppose there isn't a very good way to exude the type of exhilaration that comes with seeing that Carl Everett is no longer taking valuable playing time from some of our favorite minor league prospects. Some could ask why it took Bavasi so friggin' long to make this particular move, since it has been apparent for an inconceivably long time that Carl Everett=Jeremy Reed=Gavin at the plate.I think we'll be pleasantly surprised by the offensive boost replacing him with a platoon of Eduardo Perez/Chris Snelling (no Dobbs... BAD BAVASI) provides. I think you could draw a decent parallel with this and replacing Olivo/Hordes of Suckitude with Kenji Johjima. That has worked out nicely for us. Like I wrote Monday, this was one of the only offensive moves I have thought truly necessary for us to make. I'm not a huge believer in going and getting David Dellucci, because we have Chris Snelling. I'm only an interested partisan in possibly grabbing Alfonso Soriano, because he is definitely superior to our current options. Then, I'm not a huge fan in what we'll see the next few days, if only because (like Colin wrote yesterday) I don't see us as being in a pennant race, so I'd rather keep our tradeable talent around for next season, when my confidence continues to grow about our chances. If Bartolo Colon is injured, since he came out of the game today, my optimism grows slightly, but I'd prefer for us to just enjoy watching competitive baseball without necessarily going ape. Kill-joy.

Continue to read middle-aged men yell at each other on USSM for further updates.

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