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Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup, Day Two

Due to the magic of DVR, I didn't watch any of the day's matches until tonight. All in all, a much better day of futbol than yesterday.

England 1, Paraguay 0
El Jefe had a good live blog, so I won't restate many of his points (note to El Jefe, the ENTER key between paragraphs would be a good idea). I'll just agree that this was an unimpressive win by the heavily favored English. Simply throwing it up high to the 6'7" Crouch and controlling it in the midfield is not creative enough to get goals at this level (sort of what we saw with Poland yesterday). David Beckham got lucky on an own goal and otherwise had zero impact on the game. The defense was rock solid though, and if the Brits can get their act together moving the ball together and generating opportunities they will be able to reach some of the goals given to them for this tournament. As for Paraguay, I think Manu Ginobili could learn a thing or two from these floppers. My word. And of course the commentors don't make fun at all... just make sympathetic noises. Come on, the guy gets barely touched and starts screaming like someone stuck a hot iron into his small intestine.

Sweden 0, Trinidad and Tobago 0
This was an absolutely fantastic match. As entertaining as a 0-0 tie can possibly be. The second yellow on T&T that made it a 10-11 second half was a ridiculous call, but the underdogs played brilliantly on the defensive end, and that goalie (forget his name) had an out of this world match. The Swedes actually played pretty well, even though I'm sure their fans are incredibly disappointed. They just ran up against a "D" that was in the right places all the time and a goalie who stopped at least three head on shots.

Argentina 2, Ivory Coast 1
Also a great match. Argentina exploited some early hiccups by IC's defense, and IC missed a TON of legitimate opportunities. I think the lack of experience really showed up. The visitors from Africa were a bit shell shocked by the world stage. They did show their abilities later in the game, pressing the bejeezus out of an Argentine team with zero forwards and still on their heels. If not for a couple of great saves, this is a tie match. It defintely showed the depth of their group, which many are calling the Group of Death over ours.

As I said above, what a great day of futbol. Tomorrow may be worse, especially that Mexico-Iran snoozefest.

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