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Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup, Day One

Thought the futbol was pretty entertaining today.

Germany 4, Costa Rica 2

Germany actually didn't play well enough to get 4 goals, although they displayed a finishing touch that was truly impressive. Just about every real chance the Germans put into the back of the net. The real story was shoddy rear defense from both squads. Costa Rica simply could not clear balls around the front of their net, couldn't mark worth squat, and generally played as if their entire line was made up of Jeff Agoos (remember 2002 WC). While the squad from CONCACAF couldn't generate many opportunities, Germany did its level best to allow a team with only one legitimate offensive player enough. Seriously, how many times do you need to depend on the ref to throw up the offsides flag with a lead? You don't need to be agressive defensively against a team with one playmaker. Let him try and dribble through four people instead. I think the home squad will take the victory, but have a lot of issues to continue and work through.

Ecuador 2, Poland 0

Man, did Poland dominate this game without generating any chances. In fact, neither team could really generate any kind of a push on the net. Ecuador took advantage of a pair of opportunities (again, great finishing), and Poland hit the crossbar twice in the last ten minutes. I'm sure the Polish faithful will excoriate the team in the press for its utter lack of imagination on the attack. Slow but steady passing on the ground simply doesn't cut it against this level of competition. These games show how the US team can't stay back, but needs to press the advantage and quickly counterattack. I thought Poland also did a terrible job addressing their size advantage, again only playing the ball on the ground. So the Tricolores will party in the streets tonight.

Tomorrow be sure to check out England's game first on the docket.

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