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Monday, June 05, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Welcome back, campers! Today's edition of the Ultimate Explosion is brought to you by... Cynicism and Apathy, combining to help you make your way slowly and painfully through the Mariner season.

Speaking of which, I watched part of that mess yesterday and man, Willie Bloomquist is an awful center fielder. Randy Winn was better by comparison, and I remember how bad we all thought Winn was there. He literally is incapable of getting a good read on the ball, and his route on the "double" in the second inning was one of the worst things I've seen (outside of that whole Matt Lawton crap). I'm with Jeff at Lookout Landing, I hate it that he makes Hargrove look smart by tripling and walking. If we've decided that Jeremy Reed cannot hit lefties, than we need to get a real backup CF. With all that, I've decided that my goal for this season is .500. No more talk about being still in the race. That's only going to lead us down a painful path. Let's hope for mediocrity. Actually, my current goal is a seven game losing skid so that Mike Hargrove says bye-bye. An inebriated chimp could know enough to quit telling Jose Lopez to bunt. He could also throw feces at our starting pitching. The benefits sell themselves.

On to football... because that's what I care about. Still. Except the World Cup, but that's not until Friday. There were a few articles written the past few days I wanted to bring to everyone's (our five loyal readers) attention.

- Len "Puff Piece" Pasquarelli has a... well... puff piece on St. Louis and Stephen Jackson, throwing out the fact that the Rams are 5-0 in Jackson's short career when he has 20 or more carries. My favorite part of this poorly written essay? "There's some evidence of that (Jackson' strength) given that Jackson has averaged 5.3 yards per carry on his attempts that come after his 20th rush in a game. But he is also a fast starter, a back capable of making a big play early in the game. In the five outings in which he logged 20 carries or more, Jackson averaged a gaudy 7.4 yards per attempt on his first five attempts." So Pasquarelli's point? Stephen Jackson can gain yards early and late in games. Wow. You get paid HOW much for that type of "analysis"? Instead of propping Jackson up, Len could be pointing to the real reason for his inability to get the type of carries he wants... a shoddy defense that is incapable of stopping the opposition. Until that's fixed, Jackson can get all the assurances in the world from the coaching staff, but when they're scrambling to come back from another two touchdown deficit you see how easy that 20 carry mark is. If you've read this site for long, you know that Colin and I are huge Stephen Jackson fans. He is a huge back with great vision who generally will break the first tackle. We think he is easily a top five back in the NFL if given the opportunity. His defense needs to give him that, otherwise his rankings will continue to be mediocre.

- Jeffri Chadiha has a good piece on five teams who aren't worth the hype. I disagree with him slightly on the Miami Dolphins, who I think have some good pieces in place, but agree that one shouldn't put them above New England quite yet. The other teams he mentions (Minnesota, San Diego, Kansas City, Philadelphia) all have large question marks, and I would add Dallas (take that Peter King!), Washington, Jacksonville, and Arizona (since apparently we're going to be dealing with that again) to the mix. There are a lot of teams with significant question marks, and I think we could see some significant steps back from some "good" clubs. Anyways, Chadiha's piece is a nice breath of fresh air from the morons on his same site who are already picking Super Bowl players (King, Banks).

- Speaking of Banks, his reasoning on why the Colts will win it all this year is pretty funny from a Hawks fans perspective. This coming from one of the "STEVE HUTCHINSON IS GONE!!! SEATTLE IS DOOOOOOOOOMED" writers... "They drafted LSU running back Joseph Addai in the first round to help offset James' absence. Adding in the re-signing of talented No. 2 receiver Reggie Wayne before free agency opened, the Colts, led as always by quarterback Peyton Manning, remain as formidable a Super Bowl contender as there is." Riiight. So the loss of Steve Hutchinson to an otherwise intact offense merits Seattle's plunge, but Joseph Addai will offset Edgerrin Freakin' James. The logic escapes me somehow. I think Addai should be decent, but was never the featured back in college. Believing that the Colts won't take a step back offensively is rather nieve. Pretty much par for the course for Banks.

- An anonymous poster below tipped me off to the Power Rankings, always a fun Petey Prisco read. I think Colin already mentioned this before, but putting the defending NFC Champions at 8th is beyond stupid. However, we know we will have plenty of fodder to ridicule Petey this year for this alone... "For now, the (pick for a suprise team) choice is the Cardinals. Yes, they were my pick to win the NFC West last year. But as coach Dennis Green said a month ago, injuries crippled that team. The offensive line was a mess all year and the Cardinals could not run the football." This is major league bullsh** (sorry Dad). Injuries crippled the Cardinals last year? In what universe? The offensive line is still a mess, last time I checked. Man, I hate Prisco. I'm deliberately avoiding his "Top 50 players" article, which continues to exude his anti-Seahawks bias. For a good reason why, read Dave Boling's latest. Suffice it to say that Prisco's list would be roundly mocked by my favorite football pundits from Football Outsiders and Finally, a place we can go to avoid some of the same tired storylines. Of course, the fact they have us ranked FIRST in their preseason power rankings doesn't hurt. The fact that they actually use statistics makes me feel better. Frankly, I think I'd feel worse if Petey had us ranked higher, because of how often he's wrong.

Oh yeah, that Bill Simmons mailbag question that got 12 Seahawks Street upset bugged the editors of this site as well, but essentially Simmons doesn't actually do "research" for his articles. He trots out whatever tired story he can and beats it to death, especially if it involves Boston. I'm too tired to care about whether or not Bill Simmons thinks we're whining too much, but if he thinks it's not one of the 100 worst officiated games ever he's got some serious issues, and disagrees with most of the NFL writers on his ESPN website. However, it didn't involve Boston, so is anyone really surprised? Not me.

World Cup Friday! World Cup Friday!

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At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Eric said...

At least Simmons is one of the few outside of Seattle who acknowledges the atrocity of the Sonics-Suns game 7. Or as I like to call it the "Lets watch Charles Barkley and his teammates shoot FTs game"

At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted in error, what I meant was that the Fox Sports Power Rankings were out. I find #1 and #21 to be something that I present in a meeting and everyone gets excited one person is even yelling "It's exactly what I've been waiting for," it's like ULTIMATE EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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