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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Take A Deeeeeeep Breath

Quick note to all those US soccer fans who are hyperventillating over the "shoddy, uninspired" play of our squad in that 3-0 beating by the Czech Republic... it's soccer.

If there's one thing I've noticed in the World Cup, it's how much luck has to do with the momentum of the match. One good cross and a striker has a second to stick it in the back of the goal. The Czechs capitalized on their first opportunity, ours went off the post. If Claudio Reyna's shot goes in, it's 1-1 at halftime and it's a completely different match.

Once the Czechs scored, they moved everyone back into ultra-defensive mode, not allowing our playmakers any space to run and minimizing our speed. Then they just did some simple counters when we brought up more people to try and create opportunities. It just is what happened. We can scream until blue in the face.

Here's what I also know... Italy played an extremely unimpressive game against Ghana, where they allowed the opposition to control the ball for large portions of the match, even if Ghana was completely unable to shoot the ball without fifty feet of clearance.

The World Cup happens once every four years. Good teams always lose (see: France). It happens. We haven't lost our way as a budding soccer power if we have a poor showing, being in a tough group can just do that. If we'd played the exact way against many other teams (like Iran, to all those gloating Mexican fans) we would have won easily.

We're down... we have to win against Italy... but not out. Let's look at it correctly and please, stop the handwringing.

Save it for the M's against Joe Blanton.

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