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Friday, June 02, 2006

One Week Away!!

I'm going to steal a little thunder from Jeff here, but I am getting pretty darn excited about the World Cup. Really, there is absolutely nothing like it.

My affinity for soccer goes back to the halcyon days of youth, when Colin and I played on about five years of Mariner-quality youth teams. Basically, we won one game each year. To answer the question of whether or not Colin or I added to the team's depth, I'd ask you to take a peek at the picture next to the title of this blog and take a wild guess. However, I continued to follow the sport. Then came the 1994 World Cup in the US, and the infamous victory over Colombia. That sure got me pumped, but then again I was 12, so growing chest hair was an exciting pastime.

It came to a head in college, basically because of a family trip to Europe during Euro 2000. The passion we found throughout France and England was palpable. We ate dinner one night in an Italian restaurant right before their national team was playing. The entire staff was going crazy. It was a level of fanaticism I hadn't seen before, and frankly, I liked it. A definite change from the latte-sipping, baby waving, Louie-Louie swaying yuppies crowding Safeco.

I tried to follow English Premiership futbol, especially since El Jefe is a huge Arsenal fan, but their league is WAY too long. I never tried following MLS soccer, because until recently the quality paralleled my youth teams. So I'll watch a few games when I get the chance on ESPN2.

The tournaments capture my attention. Junior year of college during the last World Cup it was finals week and I was still getting up at 4 am daily to watch the day's match. You cannot capture the adrenaline that 100,000 screaming fans create, the atmosphere the US team had to face in South Korea against the national team. Boston-NY has nothing on this. Philly fans look like Seattle fans by comparison. It was out of this world.

And now we have arrived. As the commercial says, the world looks forward to playing us no more. We play experienced, exciting soccer. Yes, the group is difficult, but if we are to advance to where we should, we have to beat/tie teams like Czech Republic and Italy.

It feels nice to care about something right now, instead of NBA playoffs/Mariners/Barbaro (for crying out loud, can we cut the articles about a freaking pile of dog food?)/Danica Patrick (win something before I come close to caring).

One week away before I watch Germany destroy an outmatched Costa Rica squad as a nation goes nuts. Ten days before the US surprised the Czech Republic. More to come!

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At 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the preseason NFL power rankings on CBS! Not that they mean anything.


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