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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NBA Draft: Live Blog

First off, I would like to say a hearty congratulations to the Seattle Mariners for making it to .500. They are playing nothing but great baseball, and it has been exciting to watch. Also, thank you to Spain and France for the best match so far of the World Cup last night. That's what I'd been waiting for.

So... Portland now has two picks in the top 10 and the #30 overall... I would consider moving up if I was them. Again, you're not finding impact players this year. Seattle's still rumored to go after a pick in next year's draft instead, since, as they tell the News Tribune, they see themselves two deep at every position. Difficult to argue with them.

4:16 - Man, I have to listen to Stephen A. Smith and Dick Vitale for how long? It's today's edition of "Who Can Scream the Loudest While Expressing Inane Opinions". Jay Bilas looks especially evil today, nice.

4:17 - Bill Simmons is going to throw a conniption about the Portland/Boston deal. You might get Foye/Roy and instead you settle for Sebastian Telfair? What? With Portland, is stockpiling mediocre picks in a mediocre draft a good decision? You already have tons of money tied up in other players, now you will be paying high draft pick money to inferior talent too. Not that exciting to me...

1. Toronto Raptors - Andrea Bargnani, PF
Gavin's Pick: Adam Morrison
Not an exciting pick, not a sexy pick, and not worth the #1 pick. I like the crowd with the "overrated" cheer. Just the centerpiece of the lack of high-end talent here. All the clips they showed looked a lot like Vladimir Radmanovic. Yay.

On to the Bulls... I'm assuming this will be Tyrus Thomas. I sure like the 5 minute limit between picks in the NBA draft, that'll make this a lot easier than the NFL version.

Looks like the Blazers are picking up the #2 pick, probably to move up and grab Adam Morrison.

2. Chicago Bulls - LaMarcus Aldridge, PF
Gavin's Pick: LaMarcus Aldridge
Or maybe to pick up LaMarcus Aldridge, since the Blazers apparently wanted to avoid the negligible risk of Charlotte picking him at #3. Blazer fans are going to be furious if this is correct, but he is a good player, I did have him going at this spot.

Ah, the first of the "executive interviews", where they are truly excited, with no second thoughts about their picks. Everything will be perfect, men will lay down their arms, lions will lay down with lambs, all that crap. I hate these things. I also hate the interviews with the draftees... "how do you feel about being drafted?" "Hmmm.... Ka-Ching!".

3. Charlotte Bobcats - Adam Morrison, F
Gavin's Pick: Brandon Roy
Well, this was sure a good pick for Charlotte. I'm sad Morrison won't be in the Pacific Northwest, but I'm really excited to see how he does in the league. Being with an up-and-coming young team in the Bobcats won't hurt either (Okafor, May, Felton etc). The sound of rioting you're hearing is coming from around the Rose Garden as fans with pitchforks charge the Blazers team headquarters.

You know, no one will ever accuse Stephen A. Smith of being a marijuana user. Maybe speed, but definitely not marijuana. How about taking it down about a thousand notches?

Reason #10099 to love Adam Morrison, his favorite DVD? Ultimate Fighting.

4. Portland Trail Blazers - Tyrus Thomas, PF
Gavin's Pick: Tyrus Thomas
So again... not sure why the teams did this deal. Kind of funny to watch Thomas with the Blazers hat on for this fifteen second span he's a part of that franchise. But still, they could have gotten these players either way. A little confusing. If I was Portland, I'd take Thomas, like in my mock draft, because I'm brilliant.

Wow. Greg Anthony actually pointed out that the trade was unnecessary. One analytical bright spot in what looks like a night full of hot air. Speaking of hot air, Stephen A. takes the Blazers behind the woodshed. I'll be doing that later. Who's your point guard, Nate McMillan? Who? Steve Blake? You have GOT to be kidding me. (update: so they get Dan Dickau... I'm not buying it)

5. Atlanta Hawks - Shelden Williams, PF
Gavin's Pick: Marcus Williams
Well I did like Shelden Williams for the Sonics, but I think there were far better players available. They desperately need point guard help, and I hope they address this at some point to help with their offensive needs. At least Williams will help the defensive side.

Did you guys know that Adam Morrison cried? On national television? Does he cry in the EA video game? That would be funny.

That Sub-Lymonal advertising stuff definitely gets the odd East German kick down. Too bad it's an awful way to sell pop. More scantily clad women, please.

6. Minnesota Timberwolves - Brandon Roy, SG
Gavin's Pick: Randy Foye, SG
And Portland freaks out again by missing out on Roy by one pick. Obviously I love Brandon, so I love this pick. With both him and Dwayne Casey I'm going to have to cheer for the Timberwolves more next year, even if we're in the same division.

At this point if I'm the Sonics I'm looking at trading down. Very few players left I would want.

Stuart Scott might be the worst interviewer in the history of the universe.

Rudy Gay has one hell of a watch on. Fashion sense brought to you by Weird Al.

7. Portland TrailBlazers - Randy Foye, SG
Gavin's Pick: Andrea Bargnani
This is not a bad second choice for the Blazers. Fans aren't going to be happy with no Morrison and no Roy, but they did get a talented big man in Aldridge and a versatile guard in Foye. Both can actually play defense too, which Nate McMillan will like. The problem, of course, is that neither will be stars, and so the Blazers will have more money tied up in the wrong places.

Umm... Jay Bilas... players without positions have problems in the NBA. They aren't players. To me, that screams question mark. Maybe I'm just cynical... and maybe Jay Bilas is wrong pretty darn often.

Looks like we have another trade with Houston sending the pick (probably Rudy Gay) to Memphis for Shane Battier, who is definitely a player that Jeff Van Gundy would love.

8. Houston Rockets - Rudy Gay, F
Gavin's Pick: Shelden Williams
His talent is unquestionable. His effort is. If he pans out, this is the steal of the draft. If not, he becomes a mediocre always questioned mess. Memphis (if this rumor is trued) does get to add some nice athleticism, although isn't his skill set pretty similar with Hakim Warrick?

This draft has become fairly dull. No one is dropping, no real surprises, I think NBA executives just threw up their hands, decided these players weren't that great, and didn't go nuts.

9. Golden State Warriors - Patrick O'Bryant, C
Gavin's Pick: Rudy Gay
We're basically at the point in the draft where all the players tend to run together. The Warriors have had a tendency of drafting centers with "upside" and this is no different. I saw O'Bryant as a player who made a lot of money by being a Cinderalla in the tournament. I don't care if he has "good hands" like Jay Bilas mentioned, whatever the heck that even means. I think it's another notch in the "upside" belt that Bilas created.

Seattle's on the clock. Colin's on the phone. It's go time... or hopefully trade time. My top choices? 1. Marcus Williams. 2. JJ Redick. 3. Trade.

Looks now like Brandon Roy and Randy Foye are being swapped. Why the heck wouldn't they have just done that in order?

10. Seattle SuperSonics - Mouhamed Saer Sene, C
Gavin's Pick: JJ Redick
Hmmm... what the hell? Did we really need yet another young center? This is crazy. We're leaving so many good players on the board here. Apparently this is just our team saying, "We don't have a roster spot, no one gave us a good trade offer, so just sit abroad for a few years and we'll see you later." This is not good.

Well, I have to be lazy and quit the live blog and go pick up the dog from the vet now. I'm sure everyone's lives will move along quite well.

Update: I have to apologize for not being able to finish this. Thanks to our Blazers fan for commenting, I'm sure he feels better with the trade for Brandon Roy. I'll have team grades up tomorrow. I feel a little better about what the Sonics did, but not much.

Update 2: I like our second round pick, Denham Brown, SG from UConn. Let's hope we find him some playing time. What is up with the Blazers? How to do a draft while smoking crack cocaine? How many trades do you need?

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At 5:22 PM, Anonymous OBF said...

WOW, the blazers could have draft the the guy that will probably actually be the best pro in the first round, Brandon Roy, and a home town guy, and a guy that could instantly make them better at a position that desprately need help at, but instead take a four year project who's UPSIDE is Theo Ratliff!!! WOW, classic Blazers ineptitude!

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous OBF said...

Again the Blazer SUCK at drafting, FOYE????? Are you kidding me??? What did they give up for the seventh pick anyways?

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous OBF said...

Well, after all is said and done, I guess that draft wasn't as bad as it first looked. I am still a little amazed that we could have picked up BOTH the stache AND Brandon Roy, the two guys who in my mind are the only legit NBA starters in this draft. Trade up to 2 to get the stache and that wacky trade to get Roy.

I looooovveee the fact that we have Roy! He could be a real good NBA player, in fact maybe even better than AM since he can score AND defend. We have a real nice group of young players coming together. Too bad we had to jettison Telfair, but I can see the reasons why. He has yet to make good on all that promise and talent, he is a little bit of a head case, he has been injured in both seasons he has played in, and he was outplayed by a first year guy (Jarret Jack) and a goofy white guy (Steve Blake) last year. Is Dan Dikau a piont? I forget. Sucks to lose Theo, but hopefully they resign the big white Gorilla, and the Aldridge kid can do some damage. Theo had durability issues of his own, and could only score a few points a game, so I guess no big loss.

Was the trade for Roy just Foye straight up??? What a strange way to do it? I am telling wackyiest draft ever!

Interesting that we were giving away next years first rounders, but stocking up on next years second rounders. Definitly a wacky draft! So to run down next years team:

PG: Steave Blake, Jarret Jack, Dan Dikau
SQ: Juan Dixon, Brandon Roy, Martell Webster
SF: Darius Miles, Brandon Roy (is he big enought ot play here?), Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw
PF: Zach Randolph, Raef Lafrenz, Brian Skinner
C: Joel Pryzbilla (if he is signed), LaMarcus Aldridge, Lafrenz, Skinner, Ha Seung

Now THAT is a young team! Are any of those guys over 30? Maybe Juan and Skinner.

Anyways I am liking this draft better this morning. Espeacially under Nate this team should be real coachable and moldable. The other good thing is those are all character guys that we picked up, so the only two head cases left on the team is Darius (and he will/should be traded) and Zach ( who should be healthy next year and play much better).

I think I will go out on a limb and say that this team WILL WIN at least 1 more game than they did last year!

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Gavin said...

I think you're probably right about them being improved. I'm not sold on any of the players in this draft becoming more than decent Shane Battier-type role players, but just about anything was going to upgrade Portland. I think I'll go out on that same limb for the Blazers.


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