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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MLB Draft

Would someone please help console Lookout Landing and USS Mariner faithful? From reading the comments, they appear to be about ready to go postal in a local hardware store.

Paraphrase follows...

"Grrr... Lincecum... Grrr"
"Grrr... Andrew Miller... Grrr"
"Grrr... Hate World, Destroy Soon... Grrr"

Now, I may not know much about MLB prospects... in fact, the number of articles I read on MLB prospects not named Tim Lincecum equals a very round oval number. However, I do know that there are a great deal of "hot" baseball draft prospects who don't make it in the big leagues, and I do know that Bob Fontaine should have earned our trust slightly better at this point, at least enough to wipe the spittle off our collective faces, take a deep breath, and go back to enjoying terrible, mediocre, Mike Hargrove baseball.

Personally, that's how I see this draft. We're clinging to whatever shreds of hope we possibly can to see a light at the end of this dark "Jose Lopez freaking sacrifice bunting" tunnel, and whenever an Andrew Miller shred is taken from us we become even more bitter and cynical than before.

Bob Fontaine is good. We know he's good, and unless someone drugged him last night and replaced him with Frank Mattox we should know that the fruits of this draft will provide us with some quality players.

At least I sure hope so. Because otherwise I'm going postal... and you're just going to have to guess where.

Oh... also... I'm still an A-Rod hater. Screw A-Rod.

Oh... also... Colin and I praise Lookout Landing and USS Mariner a lot, but man, when Dr. Detecto is on, he's on. Fantastic Brandon Morrow preview, Dr. D.

Colin: Also head on over to Dr. D to understand why no team should pay $8 mill for Andrew Miller.

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