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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fun With Nerds!


These words (and MORE) were thrown at unsuspecting 10-14 year old nerds at the 78th annual Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee, which, for some weird reason, is annually shown on ESPN so that they can use footage during the SportsCenter opening that day.

You can tell a guy is a nerd when he is 9 years old and his interests are reading, Beethoven, and coin collecting. You can tell a girl is a nerd when her interests are swimming, sewing, and birds. None of those interests, by the way, include friends, or require friends to accomplish them. Coincidence?

Even more weird, I actually watched some of it, and found it more entertaining then watching the Mariners. I mean, you have these semi-overweight uber-genuises who know several languages (oh, so realpolitik is German? Well, then, of course I can spell it.), are refreshing, funny, and, well, just nerds!

By the way, Matt Giese CAN MOVE BOTH EYEBROWS!!! Charley Allegar is WELL-ROUNDED and is showing off his muscles on ESPN! I tell you that because it appears these were the best human interest stories that ESPN could drum up on these competitors.

Seriously, though, it is sad, as a sports fan, that I would find this more entertaining than my baseball team.

However, that's what happens when Richie Sexson is still playing like utter crap, Beltre can't hit anything more than a single, Mike Morse is, once again, in a M's uniform, Reed still isn't performing like we all know he can, the King has yet to be the King, and Mike Hargrove is still the manager.

That's what also happens because I am also a nerd, and actually competed in the Spelling Bee for four years (along with Gavin, who sucked). I almost made it to the Big Show in 7th grade, but got 4th in the regional (1st made it to D.C.), misspelling some word that Gavin will probably remember (my tears gave him strength).

It was a 20-30 minute car ride to school from home, and that meant spelling time, where Gavin and I would quiz one another with Mom watching us, ready to punish any mistakes with a trip to the gulag. Now, I didn't know any Greek or Latin root crap, and didn't know any other languages (still don't), which, I guess, ensured my continuation on the mid-tier of spellers. Lord knows I couldn't spell the majority of words that are flashing on the television today. Still, I guess that those car rides made me, at last partly, the man I am today, a socially ignorant nerd who, yes, CAN spell, but decided to become an academic for some strange reason.

Well, enough of this. Time to take a shower.

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At 9:47 PM, Blogger PositivePaul said...


That's the word that kept me from going to state in third grade. I got the "c" right, but I added an "e" on the end...

I have to use my made-up German word "Gerpotenwogen!" to keep my 4-year-old from learning bad words when I'm watching the team.

Free Dan Rohn, and make this team MUCH more interesting!

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Collyrium. That was the word that stopped me from winning the whole dang thing this year. Sure sucks to get to close and then fail miserably. What's sadder, I knew every word before mine that round and every single word after mine. I guess sometimes the best doesn't always win. :-)


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