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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Brasil vs Australia (live)

7th minute: Each team is playing all out; this matchup looks be be exciting the whole way through. Great shot by Kaka a few moments ago... Commentators have started the criticisms of Brasil's defense. Probably well merited and today it looks as though Australia could exploit.
10th: Ronaldo harshly fouled. Hope that wasn't intentional cause it looked very poor on Australia's part - almost at his knee, allegedly injured?

AUS needs to get a real shot off. They have great passing and movement to space, but dribblers bouncing harmlessly along the turf directly to the keeper will not win games.

14th: Again good ball movement from the Socceroos. Ref is calling everything. Trying to keep a hold on the match here...please don't go the way of the Uruguayan from yesterday!!
Where is Brasil? They have forwards playing today (and I'm tempted to list Roberto Carlos as one of them) but their midfield doesn't seem to be awake yet.

21st: Exciting stuff here again. Ronaldinho again showing why he's one of the best, especially his current best in the world ranking - and then AUS take him down perfectly with a clean tackle. Wow, who will crack first?

27th: Again, a shot right at the keeper by the Socceroos. Nothing working for Brasil here on their famous dribbling trickery...

28th: And Ronaldo denied well by the AUS defense. They have made all the needed tackles and blocks but can that continue? I'm impressed by the AUS midfield as well.
As an aside, I'm amazed that Cafu is still playing (he just got a yellow for a late, dangerous challenge). I think he's played in 3 World Cup Final games and helped win 2 of them - wow, that's experience!

30th: Funny result on the AUS attack - dude thought he heard a whistle and gave up (also thought he was offside, but nothing was called). Unfortunate.
And Ronaldo receives a yellow for shooting on goal while obviously offside. His frustration is written all over him. Don't read the papers, man!

33rd: Ok, a Socceroos shot off the turf, but again they pull my specialty and blast it over the bar by a considerable margin. On the other half, seems wherever the ball is with a Brasilian attacker, there are 3 or 4 blue (Australian) shirts so close by. Brasil needs to change their tactics and use less dribbling and more quick passing. If they would think to switch the field and go from left to right or vice-versa, they would definitely catch the Australians off guard and out of position.

37th: A strike on Ronaldo, and the beisbol kind. I'm sorry to say it, but the Ronaldo of years past would have put Brasil up 1 nil there. Kind of feel sorry for the guy right now. He's only 29, but playing like he's been the marked man for the past 10-12 years (true).

41st: Again, Brasil can't seem to do more than dribble and look for give and gos.

42nd: Great back pass to Ronaldo, who makes a good effort on the near miss shot.

Halftime: Well, Brasil have disappointed in terms of living up to the huge hype of being the smiling goal scoring machine. But I think they'll eventually connect for at least one. Same thing can be said for Australia, however.

49th: Great goal by Adriano! Ronaldo did what he should have in pulling 3 defenders to himself and then passing off. And beautiful touch ahead and strike right where he had to put it. Look for Australia to take up the physicality in the match a few notches...

57th: Oh, Kewell!! Dang, that was a tough shot but on an open goal. C'mon Socceroos! Force at least a draw to make a mediocre group more exciting!

61st: I must admit Ze Roberto is playing great defense. Refreshing to see from a country where the offense is the focus.

78th: So everything Brasil tries in the air goes way too far. How about a far post runner? Everyone is going right at the far post, but overcommits. Sure the "garbage collector" at the outside opposite side isn't the funnest position, but I think that man could have a goal or two should someone (Roberto Carlos, do you have any gas left?) take it up.

80th: Best side volley I've seen this Cup by Bresciano, I think. Good save by Dida (Keller-esque, I might add).

82nd: Brasil are hungry and Australia are tired. The former are trying to get the momentum to pay off and the Socceroos are just trying to get to full time.

84th: Stupid yellow card to Robinho - he deserved it, yes, but should have been more mature to avoid it....and argh!! Bresciano again hitting a brilliant shot! Off a set piece even.

85th: And Brasil continue to pressure. Keep up the physical presence, Australia.

86th: Viduka! A smidge less punch on that flick and he'd have a goal over the keeper coming out.

90th: That does it. Fred comes into the game and gets a goal for Brasil off the side post's assist. All academic from here.

93rd: Kaka should have made it 3-nil....Full time and Brasil advance on the win. Decent performance by Australia, but they couldn't put one in. Bummer. Now I need a goal fest from France v South Korea to lift my spirits.

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At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Hoody said...

Great commentary-

I am also a former Central Washington'er- who now lives in Australia. Love the Mariners- and love the Green and Gold.

You are right about the ref over-officiating. Every time the Brazilians fell over, he blew the whistle.

We had are opportunities- but just didn't grasp them. Now all we have to do is get a draw with Croatia and we are through to the sweet 16. We are playing some good footy-

Keep up the great work!

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Oi! Oi! Oi!


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