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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When You Read WAY Too Much Into Something

So, as some of you might know, the new X-Men movie has come out, and, I am sure, good times will be had by all, until we all figure out that, yes, that is Kelsey Grammer playing Beast, and, yes, some main characters do die in this installment (or so all the previews say) (ed note: I wrote this before actually seeing the movie. What a piece of crap.).

Some would take this opportunity to wax nostalgic about the importance of heroes in our shaky modern times, or wonder about who would win.... Magneto or Global Warming (thank you, Al Gore, for your seminal work.).

But, no, John Hartl, a kick-ass film critic from (we're the news channel that nobody watches!), decides that what people REALLY see when they watch X-Men is..... homosexuality.

In “The Last Stand,” which the producers emphasize is not the last installment in the series (after all, the first two collected $700 million worldwide), Iceman is completely “out” as a mutant. He uses his frosty charms to woo Rogue, who matches his ability to chill out.

Wow. You are a fantastic writer. By the way, are you a fan of Rogue choosing to lose her powers, as do a long line of mutants in the film?

“The Last Stand” makes the gay subtext of “X2” more explicit.

The gay subtext of X2? Because mutants aren't accepted?

While the mutants fear the development of a “cure” for their “disease,” Storm says “there’s nothing to cure.” Indeed, the series sees the mutants as a link to a higher form of humankind.

So, to continue your AWESOME analogy, homosexuality is a link to a higher form of humankind?

Listen, I don't want to get into a fight about gay marriage, homosexuality, etc. However, I'm a big X-Men fan, and this article is remarkably lame. You could use the exact same argument (outsider trying to fit in) into the movie "Elf" (very effemiate male discovers he doesn't quite fit into New York City), or "The Incredibles" (superheroes have to hide their powers because of a frightened public), or really ANY OTHER SUPERHERO MOVIE (Spiderman, for example). I'm just really steamed when individuals of any political stripe choose to make a movie THEIR movie (as conservatives did with the movie "Serenity" because it depicted a group of individuals that wanted less government and the perils of having too much government interference).

Anyhoo, random rant besides, the movie just sucked, so don't even watch it to learn the gay subtext for yourself. I was extremely depressed after it ended for the rest of the day, and now can't wait to go see the new Superman movie so that I can wipe the memory of a horrible superhero movie out of my memory banks.

By the way, hello. I had guests over for the past week (yippee!), and so have not had the capacity to blog, or really do anything. I haven't even been able to watch the Suns play in what has been a great series, while Raja Bell has climbed the ranks to become one of my favorite players, except when he pulls a Ginobli and uber-flops. The guy hustles constantly, hits the big shot (aka the 3 against the Clips in Game 5), plays stellar defense, and seems to lift the spirits of the guys around him.

Nor have I been able to watch the M's SUCK EGGS, though I was able to watch some of the absolute masterpiece of a game that was Sunday against Minnesota. Please, Bavasi, please fire Hargrove. Obviously our record is not all his fault. But it sure is partially his fault, and I'll believe that this entire season after watching that game.

Aaaaaaaand..... I have nothing else. Shoot. You would think I would have more after a whole week. Come back tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be back up to speed by then.

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