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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend, preferably one that didn't include watching the Mariners play some of the worst professional baseball I've ever witnessed. I'm not going to elaborate on the terrific post over at USSM on how Mike Hargrove has decided to become the worst manager ever, but suffice it to say that I have rarely been so depressed after a game than on Sunday. I swear, I have never seen a team manage to lose so many close games before, and while I do agree that the manager normally has no impact on the game other than losing arguments with umpires and generally looking crotchety, Mad Mike Hargrove lost us this series against Minnesota. At least Joe Mauer's on my fantasy team. Please, for the love of all that's holy, fire him now. Read John McGrath's column where he chews Hargrove a new one.

I golfed again yesterday. It rained again yesterday. Ah yes, the joys of learning how to play golf in Seattle. Five times out, three rain games.

I missed most of the NBA playoffs over the weekend, mainly because there is always better pastimes than watching the NBA playoffs. I continue to be astounded at how bad the refs are. Is it humanly possible to miss so many calls? Also, at some point can we cut back on the whining? Watching grown men cry on EVERY call, regardless of its bearing, gets old. Dirk Nowitzki's seven feet huge, yet I think he's a pansy baby for the amount of tears he sheds on a nightly basis... and of course because of that whole David Hasselhoff thing. Scoop Jackson, who should only write about the NBA and comes off like an idiot on anything else, has a terrific article on the Detroit Pistons, who continue to play down to the opposition. They have lost that swagger, the bravado, that made them so appealing. Now they look slow and beatable, Rasheed Wallace has become Vladimir Radmanovic (shoot threes, avoid the post), no one can shoot well, and they can't make defensive stops. There is no fire. I would really prefer the Heat to lose, because I hate roto league rosters like the one Miami assembled. Detroit apparently isn't in the mood to play longer.

I am REALLY looking forward to the World Cup. Jeff has the long posts, but I'll probably write some more as the days approach. I will be watching/recording as many matches as possible. Viva US!

Random football note from Seth Wickersham's blog:

"If it's up to Rich Gannon -- who is working in some sort of coaching fashion with the Bucs -- Chris Simms will be running a lot more in 2006."

Basically, Rich Gannon wants Chris Simms to die. Simms is not mobile, he is a fumbler (as Texas fans horribly recall). This is a quick way for Tampa Bay to become a disappointment next season. In other words, I'm all for it.

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