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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

The weekend is over, in which yet another editorial meeting of the Crushed Optimists staff (wedding back at the Leavenworth place) kept us from meeting our posting duties, but hey, what about that El Jefe guy? Last three posts! We are now all over that soccer crap.

Actually, Jeff was with us at the M's game on Sunday, so we had a full editorial CO meeting.

Afterwards, this involved playing Perfect Dark Zero. I'm not sure how many of you out there had Perfect Dark for the N64, but it was the best four player first-person shooter made. Not only could you team up with three friends, but you could pick the number of opponent sims, rank each of their level of difficulty, and use one of two surefire tactics for hilarity.

1. Nothing but Rocket Launchers. Whenever you would randomly see a sim running at you and all you could do was turn, yell something, and fire a huge overkill rocket at them it was a good time. This was also the Collateral Damage situation when you were guaranteed to piss off your friends by killing them multiple times as well with stray rocket fire.

2. Combat Boosts and Shotguns. Using a Combat Boost put the game into "Matrix Mode", a nice slow motion affair. If you timed it right, you could come around a corner, see a sim, use the Boost, and shoot them in the face with the Shotgun. Man, it didn't get any better than that. Wow, that sure reads pretty bloodthirsty. Whatever. Watch out for me at work.

Anyways, Perfect Dark Zero is a step back from the previous work. I think they tried too hard. For starters, it takes about 20 bullets to take down anyone, which is lame. There are no combat boosts, and bosses on a medium difficulty level have enough health points to take on a Balrog. In other words, we should have been blogging than wasting our time with that crap.

Colin did have an opportunity to kick my sorry ass in one-on-one basketball yet again. At one point I'm going to make that last second shot to beat him. Friday was not that time.

Isn't this a sports blog? Riiiight... so what about those M's? As I wrote above, we took in Felix's start on Sunday. I can't write any observation on Felix better than the guys at USSM, who are just rocking it recently, but that wild pitch in the sixth sure made me miss Dan Wilson. No way Dan lets that ball get away from him. From a hitting perspective, obviously we liked what we saw, except that whole "use Jose Lopez to sacrifice bunt" crap, which made me want to jump out onto the field from our seats on the third base line and charge the M's dugout wildly screaming.

It was also a lot of fun to see a few patented Mike Cameron swing-and-a-miss and foul-it-straight-back's. Apparently his eyes haven't been fixed yet.

Now they've won four in a row and are starting to creep dangerously close to .500 and respectability. I'm hopeful to continue to see signs of hope for the rest of the season, anything to keep me interested, now that 24 and Prison Break are over. I have to do SOMETHING with TV, because exercise sure isn't on the agenda.

I suppose I should mention something on all those Game Seven's in the NBA. I have to admit, though, that I didn't actually watch any of them. So, outside of LeBron James being far away from Jordan-esque status, I have nothing else to say except, "HAVE FUN IN THE SUMMER GINOBILI! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!"

I should probably stop now before I start going on a tear. M's-O's tonight. May the streak continue.

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