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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Random Ramblings...

When the guys from “1st and 10” (yes, I still watch that sometimes, due to the fact that it is summer vacation, I’m a grad student, and it makes up for the fact that I earn near to zero dollars) have one of their topics be about who the most famous pig is (Woody Paige votes for the pig from “Animal Farm”), you know that there really is little to blog about from the sporting world, and I’m not about to stoop to Gavin filling out some stupid political questionnaire.

“FICA? Real estate tax? Medicare? So….. very…… interesting….. must…….. stay….. awake………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….”

Besides, Matt Leinart is getting some action from Paris Hilton, which is probably the first and only time that an Arizona Cardinal has reached tabloid status. Question only I could think: Does Matt dream about throwing Tinkerbell out the window every time they are together? I take one look at that dog and die a little more inside.

In actual glorious news, I saw the Antichrist, Manu (not the evil Lord Xenu from Scientology, nor the new scary kid from the 6/6/6 movie) foul out last night, which made me, well, die a little less inside. Sure, some calls actually went against the Spurs last night, to which I say to angry Spurs fans everywhere…. you have absolutely no sympathy from me after the Sonics/Spurs series last year, when Bruce Bowen was able to run rampant and Manu pulled a flop getting hit by thin air. The Foul Gods are just evening up the score a tad. And the Tim Duncan Sad Face just hit a new high with his post-game press conference, when he pulled out the Tim Duncan Sad/Pissed Off/Slightly Constipated Face, giving one word responses and generally looking about like Gavin usually did after I would whup him in basketball.

Actually, the NBA playoffs have been moderately interesting, what with Raja throwing Kobe down a la Steve Carrell throwing down Dwight in “The Office”, Rasheed Wallace looking like a fool, LeBron reaching BIGTIME status (I’m witnessing Nike earning billions of dollars), Tim Thomas becoming this years’ Jerome James, Larry Brown still making headlines by perhaps being bought out by the Knicks (who would take that job? Rick Adelman?), Gary Payton still pretending he’s a superstar, and Vlade pulling a, well, Vlade during Game 3 of the Suns/Clippers series, when he made a few quick 3’s, the Suns actually started guarding him, and he shut it down for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, it appears that we are careening towards a Heat/Pistons matchup in the East (I’d rather talk about FICA), with a Mavs/???? in the West, where it is readily apparent that the Mavs will whup whoever emerges. The only interesting thing from then on out is whether we will see David Stern, with gritted teeth, hand Mark Cuban the trophy, while Cuban smiles that big, goofy smile that is still worth about 500 times more than Stern’s.

In Mariner news, Jose Lopez rules. He’s our best hitter in clutch situations, our #1 RBI guy, and is generally growing into a star before our very eyes. In the meantime, Beltre and Sexson are going through an anti-evolutionary process where they revert back to Cro-Magnon baseball players. Not special to watch. Oh, and Gil Meche sucks. Wow.

You know what is interesting? The fact that Aras won “Survivor” after getting whupped by Terry in challenges basically every single week. The ONLY reason this meditating jerkoff won was the weird fact that Danielle, perhaps the weakest Survivor finalist ever, somehow won final immunity and then, for some ODD reason, picked Aras to go to the Final Two even though there was NO EARTHLY WAY that she could beat him in a jury vote. She MAYBE had a chance against Terry, who was not liked by former Casaya members, but she had NO change against Aras. I thought, for a brief second, that Danielle was the love-child of Rick Babcock (former Raptors GM, joke would also work with Matt Millen) and Saigon Jane Fonda, both of whom also made career-ending decisions.

I would add my thoughts on “Prison Break” and “24”, but Gavin’s too busy playing (and losing at) rec league basketball to watch the shows on Monday night, and has to wait to watch them until Tuesday. Thus, I will bid you all adieu, until the next ramble.

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