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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

NFL Live (5/9/2006): Seahawks?

Per Clayton, Holmgren definitely wants an extension to stay in Seattle. Excellent news for this next year, as it means that there won't be a cloud over next season.

Opening drive: Seattle? Since when did that ever happen on NFL Live?

Shaun has some killer fuzz going on that face. Still, he looks 23 years old.

Wow! Mark Schlereth thinks we are actually better!

Clayton thinks we can be better!

Small notes: Surprisingly, ESPN did a GREAT job analyzing the offseason of the Seahawks, making, basically, the exact same points that Gavin and I will make later this week. Both Schlereth and Clayton think that we have the chance to be better than last year (you can't say we will be, that's just stupid, too much can happen over the course of a full season), they both think that we are built for the long haul (meaning 3-4 years in the salary cap version of the NFL, which is about the window for Alexander, Hasselbeck, and Jones to remain dominant), they both think that we have had, overall, a great offseason, they both think that the loss of Hutch, while hard, should not be that difficult to overcome (this is coming from a great guard in Schlereth, who made a point to illustrate how non-crucial the guard position is, and he should know), and, finally, they both think that the biggest loss of the offseason was Joe J., which I FULLY agree with, including Clayton's point that Joe brought a physicality to our corps that was missing, though he added that Burleson might be able to bring the same tools to the table.

Wow. A piece about the Seahawks on ESPN that I completely agree with. Weird.

Again, we'll bring our own thoughts to the table later this week, and will ask for yours as well, gracious readers (and Nate).

Gavin: Clayton echoed those thoughts on the radio today, and he and the host spent some time ripping David Locke (same station, thought that was funny). This whole question is pretty academic, since last year's team went 13-3 and it would be stupid to expect 13-3 any year in the NFL, but as we have written and will continue to write, ON PAPER we are better. Kudos to ESPN for figuring it out early. Maybe we won't have to go through the rest of the offseason cringing for preview to come out to rip.

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