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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Late Night Ravings

Ah... insomnia.

Rather than toss and turn over another intramural basketball loss, I've decided to better spend my time rambling for a while.

I've noticed that May is lame for sports and so my posts have started to have a slightly more negative spin. Maybe if the M's weren't just playing with my heartstrings we'd have more optimism throughout this blog recently.

Seriously, is this what we get to deal with the rest of the summer? Four straight losses which have radio hosts talking about Willie Bloomquist as an every day player AGAIN, then a couple of decent series wins that makes everyone forget that we suck? And then the AL West is mediocre so we can have pipe dreams of "that one good week" that must be riiiight around the corner. Any week that includes Gil "Vegetable Medley" Meche is not going to be a good week. I'd say replace him, but the options appear to be the corpse of Kevin Appier, Bobby "Jamie Moyer" Livingstone, or Jesse "Where's My Control?" Foppert. Inspiring. Perhaps Emiliano "Big" Fruto can step in... even if he just had a Matt Thornton appearance. Man, I remember those from last season. The one time in two months where Thornton would pitch three scoreless innings in a meaningless game, followed by everyone lavishing praise on how far he had come, erstwhile forgetting that Matt Thornton was an awful, awful pitcher who shouldn't have been allowed near the mound.

I'd probably have more optimism if my fantasy teams were doing slightly better. King Felix is dragging both of them down... so turn it around, King. In the roto league I'm in (yes, I think roto is beyond stupid, but coworkers in New York asked me to join, and I thought it would be fun to not pay attention to) I keep getting offers for David Wright that cause me to convulse with laughter. The latest? Randy Johnson straight up. This, of course, would be the Randy Johnson who just got smacked around by the freaking Oakland A's, whose offense is as anemic as it gets. Yeah... didn't go for that one.

I've actually started to watch more of the NBA Playoffs, and have come to one conclusion... I want to see as many bad calls go against the San Antonio Spurs as humanly possible. At least the shoddy reffing is getting Bruce Bowen and Manu Ginobili mad instead of the other way around. That, my friends, is justice.

Did anyone watch the season finale of The Office? I'm torn, because of course I wanted to see if Jim and Pam would hook up, but kind of wanted them to string that plot line out a bit... kind of like a carrot on a stick so I'd keep on watching. I would probably do that anyways, since Steve Carell rocks my world, in a very heterosexual way. This might be blasphemy to say, but I do like this version of The Office better than the British one. Of course, office romance can't hold a candle to Prison Break and 24 (whose writers apparently left the writing of those awful middle episodes to chipmunks and illegal immigrants before picking it back up for these kickin' final ones). Yeah... TV.

M's-A's. Tomorrow/Today.

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