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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Land of Conclusions: MLB First Month

Yeah! Conclusions are back! No, there's nothing to report on the NFL stage (besides some event that took place inside of Chris Berman's left man-boob last Saturday), but there has been an actual month of baseball played by professionals! There has to be some conclusions out of that, right?

Answer: Indubitably.

1. Someone page the devil, because a deal was definitely made with one Albert Pujols.
The guy belts home-runs like they're going out of style, and has become the best hitter in baseball. Better than Bonds. Better than A-Rod, Ortiz, or Manny. Look at that stat line....
AVG .333 HR 14 RBI 32 OBP .500 SLG .881
Bam. Bam.

Look in a month of two, but this might be a season for the ages.

2. Adrian Beltre sucks like a Hoover.
Speaking of stat lines....
AVG .202 HR 1 RBI 6 OBP .288 SLG .263
Bam. Bam.

We're paying how much money for that again? Here's a brief sample of everyday third baseman who are hitting better than Adrian Beltre.....
Tony Batista: AVG .256 HR 2 RBI 9 OBP .322 SLG .402
Mark Bellhorn: AVG .316 HR 1 RBI 8 OBP .350 SLG .553
Pedro Feliz: AVG .220 HR 3 RBI 15 OBP .252 SLG .350
Joe Randa: AVG .221 HR 1 RBI 7 OBP .247 SLG .312

Wow. I bet we're paying more for Beltre than the Twins are for Tony Batista.....

3. The NY Mets might be one of the most interesting teams to watch this year.
I'm not just saying this because Pedro, Delgado, and Cliff Floyd are on my fantasy team, but I've found myself watching several of their games on my Extra Innings package. David Wright is still awesome, it's funny to watch announcers fawn over Jose Reyes and his .322 OBP (up from what it was, actually), and their starting pitching has been phenomenal. This just might be the year that a team knocks out Atlanta, because I really don't see a whole lot of weaknesses in this team, outside of age and, thus, perhaps health.

4. Eddie Guardado is D-O-N-E.
Do I need to write anymore about this? Have you watched him pitch? Wow.

5. Absolutely no one wants to win the AL West.
What happens to the A's every April? Is there some rule that they have to suck until June or July? And that their ace has to be hurt? Honestly, they are still my pick to win the West, because the Angels lineup is terrible and their pitching is thin with injuries, and Texas, while still having a great lineup, has below-average starting pitching yet again. And, no, the Mariners will not win the West. No.

6. Don't look now, but a Mariner prospect might actually be coming through
I'm talking, of course, about Jose Lopez. No, he's not having an incredible season so far, but he's finally looking like the super prospect we all knew that he could be.
AVG .281 HR 4 RBI 18 OBP .305 SLG .500

All he needs to do is get a few more walks under his belt, but look at that slugging percentage! When he's hitting the ball, he's TAGGING the ball....

7. Blah blah Yankees blah blah Red Sox blah blah
Two teams. East Coast. They play each other. A lot.

8. If Pineiro and Moyer keep this up, the M's actually have a chance to be a .500 team
I did not expect these two to have the type of start they have had. Pineiro has only had 1 bad start, while Moyer has YET to not have a quality start, including road games at Baltimore and Boston. With them pitching well, Washburn doing exactly what was expected (still overpaid), Meche being horrible, and King Felix continuing to learn on the job, our rotation is good enough to propel us to a .500 ballclub. Of course, that also supposes that people like Sexson and Beltre will, at the very least, become not the very worst at their position.

9. You haven't been to a boring baseball game until you go to a game at Chase Field.
Chase Field, by the way, is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and is an ok stadium, but the fans there are the quietest in baseball. I went to a game against the Giants, and was absolutely amazed by the lack of noise generated by fans.

10. The Mariners still have a long, long way to go.
We seem to be stuck in a cycle of players underachieving. When one player starts to get better, another takes their place on the underachieving block, like Sexson. IF these guys played to career norms, we would be at .500 right now. As it is, I'll still feel lucky when we win, not a good sign.

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