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Monday, May 08, 2006

Dear Texas A&M: Eat It

Good Hawks articles today at from John Clayton and Seth Wickersham (basically, on paper the Hawks do look better). Even Dave Boling proves my theory from before in writing a positive article after checking out the weekend minicamps... when the team is this good, you have to really nitpick to start finding flaws. More on all this when our offseason overviews come out end of this week.

No, the purpose of this quick post is to rub some dirt into Aggie fans everywhere, who decided after over 20 years that it was time to pretend to be all pissed off over the 12th Man flag at Hawks Stadium (Qwest Field is only for corporate whores). Confident that the law would side with them, redneck fans from deep south Texas took out their frustration over having a loser pansy football team for years out on our successful season, complaining and trolling over to Seahawks blogs (especially the 12th Man one we link to) to let us know (generally with poor spelling and grammar befitting Texas A&M education) how they felt.

Well, the courts have spoken. Texas A&M and the Hawks have reached a "settlement" under which Seattle will recognize A&M "ownership" basically as a footnote and only in some circumstances. The end result? We will fly the 12th Man flag, wear our 12th Man jerseys, eat our 12th Man burgers, and do whatever the heck else we want to. To me, that's not a "settlement". That's a "victory". No discussion of reimbursement, no "12th Man, brought to you by Texas A&M", no "12th Person".

I'll enjoy watching that flag at all the games this year, about the same time of year that the Aggies get pounded again by Texas. Good times.

Update: Apparently there will be some sort of licensing agreement in place. I'm going to assume that it is negligible, since the Seahawks (apparently before this year) have never actually sold 12th Man memorabilia. If they are going to move forward AFTER the ruling it would make sense that the courts are giving A&M a little "do you feel better now Timmy?" money.

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At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas A&M - 1, Seahawks - 0

Gig'em Aggies!!!!!

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to have read such an uninformed, atrocious attempt at writing.

'took out their frustration over having a loser pansy football team for years out on our successful season'

The A&M football team is renowned for having one of the best programs in the country. There was one correct statement in that sentence. The Seahawks, in their meek existence have had ONE successful season, and you said that yourself. Pat yourself on the back.

Get your facts right.

Gig 'Em


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