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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Champions League recap

For all 10 of us US-born futbol lovers who watched with great anticipation the result of today's Champions League...I must confess I'm quite distraught yet ambivilently optimistic (must be on this site) for Arsenal's future. Sure they lost 2-1 in Paris to a great Barcelona side, but the way they lost it ended a season so destined for a triumphant climax that the crushing blow of not only giving up the first goals after about 16 HOURS of soccer but also the loss in this the biggest game of Arsenal's current history is just plain difficult to swallow. Henry may have played his last game as a Gunner, and might have well left on the Barca team plane for all the hype that has gone up recently over his high transfer worth. Everyone from the Catalan side seem to sing his praises constantly (esp. Ronaldinho...grrr) and although I still hold out hope that Henry will stay with one of the best coaches in the game in one Arsene Wenger, he may play into the Real Madriditis complications of greed (read: move foolishly to Barcelona for money, not playing time, respect, etc.). Funny how an A-Rod like story could develop here. I pray that doesn't happen.

So the game itself was 10x worse to "watch" via's live text commentary than the second Villarreal match. Arsenal somehow scored in the first half (missed that due to getting too absorbed in this "work" thing at midday). Second half they did all they could to protect and you know how a final goes with that mentality. These are the 2 greatest teams (currently) in Europe. Sure that's subject to discussion, but everyone knows that defense and offense win championships - not one or the other alone. So with 45 minutes to keep a one goal lead, Arsenal played like they were in the last 10 minutes of the match over and over again. Amazingly, some runs on goal resulted for the Gunners. Henry and a few others were denied good shots, according to the commentator. But then he ran out of gas as did the rest of his mates. Two quick goals sealed the come from behind win and Arsenal's fantasy run at their first Champions League trophy. Regardless they fought well and did impressively better than I thought they were. And that optimism I began with in this post? Their success came with many youth team players and acquisitions from recent years. They may have lost a huge game today, but they won a ton this year they would have lost in years past. And they will start again towards European glory next year, thanks to their last minute run in the Premiership to top Tottenham for the last place in the tournament. Great year, ON TO THE WORLD CUP!!

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