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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back to Fun

After watching last night's debacle of an M's game, I desperately needed a pick-me-up.

Thank you Seahawks for yet again providing that boost.

Mike Holmgren is back for two more years (three total) that should work for everyone involved. Mike gets to stay coaching a team during its window of opportunity (Hasselbeck, Alexander, Walter Jones, D-Jack) before stars age. Then, should the ability arise, he can go off and suck at being a GM again.

I'm not concerned when the coaching decision arrives. Paul Allen has lots of money and we have quality people in the front office. I just didn't want it to happen just when things were going so smoothly. We weren't going to have a Nate McMillan-Bob Weiss problem, but any transition automatically would make us an easier target in our division and the NFC.

I continue to enjoy watching us amass front office talent, today with the signing of Russell Webster. The guy was with the Bucs, most recently as their director for player personnel, for 18 years, and was a prime candidate for two GM jobs (even if the Rams one was apparently an empty position). Down side? Probably had a prime role in picking Chris Sims to be an NFL quarterback. Hopefully he helps us make a better decision in Hasselbeck's successor. Still, this is another good solid talent evaluator that Ruskell trusts. In my mind, we will continue to have successful drafts and continue to be competitive if our brain trust continues to thrive.

Nothing but optimism.

Except for the Mariners. You suck.

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