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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Read this post analyzing the probable lineup for the U.S. Great stuff. Jeff, where are you?

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At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Jswatz said...

June can't come fast enough, I know y'all are thinking that too. However, one can't get caught looking too far ahead when one surprisingly impressive Arsenal team continues to wreak havoc on the European scene. First they shut down the galacticos of Real Madrid (survey says that label has been retired due to their lack of success [read: no trophies] with highly overpriced players) and then they took it to Juventus. Yes, Juventus, the Serie A leaders, home to one player named Neved who promised to make the Gunners "sweat" and succeeded in getting red carded late in the game and I believe nothing else. If I recall, Juventus scored one goal in the home/away series. Dismal if that's the best Italy has to offer this year. But I digress, the reason I'm writing is because Arsenal has turned around their Champions League ways in stunning fashion. When only two years ago they couldn't stop trembling when any team outside of England visited Highbury and even moreso when they had to travel off the isle, they now seem to rise to the occasion. Could it be their high-quality youth program beginning to shine or the absence of Viera opening up space for others to shine? It's easy to equate the shocking run of Arsenal to that of Liverpool last year, but nothing has been won yet and there's no reason to jump to conclusions. Villareal will be a tough battle--Champions League semifinals always will be. But the most underrated forward of this decade, Frenchman Thierry Henry, is lights out. Sure he's highly rated, but his skill, speed and touch are uber-excellent. Should he continue to be of great health and the defense actually work well with Sol just coming back into the frey (broken nose, what?) they are formidible and my hopes rest on them for a happy month of May for the first time in 2 years.
As for the USMNT (US Mens National Team), I'm not that interested yet. Too many speculative articles about Adu and a bit of national discontent over the Jamaica game (for all 11.5 of us Yanks who follow the pre-Cup games) make for too little to write of. I will say that with 4 years since the last Cup comes better maturity, a better pool of players to choose from and the known fact we are a team to be reckoned with. Fifth in the world or somewhere around there? Yeah, 2006 will look completely different than 2002 for the US. The Czechs will be ready for us and I have confidence Arena will prepare well for the tournament.
And who can complain about games that actually conflict with work instead of blessed sleeptime? Booyah!!


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