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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Short Explosion today... very slow national news day...

Congrats to Ray Allen on the 3 point record! Kinda odd to look at how better his stats were this year, but he also had much less help. Now we could look forward to next season or we could just continue to listen to rich white men bicker about wealth. Awesome.

Congrats to Carlosaurus Everett for that bomb. Most excited I've been during an inning of baseball in a really long time. Watched the inning again last night afterwards, still got chills. Listened to the bomb today, still got chills. That's what we've been missing in the summer for a while now. Hopefully Beltre can learn how to continue to hit that low outside pitch, because that was a very nice double in the eighth as well. I think we have learned, however, that this team goes with Ichiro. Every game we can't score runs he sucks. Every game we go nuts he goes off. For better or for worse, we are tied to the slap hitting wonder.

It's a beautiful day! Enjoy it!

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