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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

This will be a quick one since I'm trying to put together another Mock(ed) Draft today. In fact, there is very little to discuss with Seattle teams but a few decent national stories that caught my attention.

I thought I'd post this list of current early entries into the NBA draft... although the list doesn't include Adam Morrison yet. Personally, here then is my list of early entries who help us push Brandon Roy back towards the Sonics (note: I think Roy's better than most of these, but scouts like "upside"):

Adam Morrison, LaMarcus Aldridge, Josh Boone, Rudy Gay, Nick Fazekas, Tyrus Thomas

Well, that's six guys. Add Shelden Williams and a few other players and we're in business.

Chad Ford has a good longer follow up on my thoughts yesterday on Rudy Gay and Tyrus Thomas, coming to much the same conclusion as myself. However, here's in a nutshell what I hate about the NBA draft.

"While it's clear that Thomas is still raw, especially on the offensive end, scouts feel that taking a player with those tools and with that motor is a low-risk scenario. Big, athletic prospects flop in the NBA every year, but they rarely do when they play as hard as Thomas."

So... basically... there is no solid proof that Tyrus Thomas can help a team do much of anything other than grab a few boards, but darn it, he might be worth the #1 pick overall. FAAAAANTASTIC.

Staying on the NBA, I don't agree often with the spawn of Satan (otherwise known as Skip Bayless), but he does have a must-read today on the MVP choice of Steve Nash. For the Suns to have won 53 games without Amare Stoudamire only cements Nash's status as the #1 player in the game at this stage, even above Kobe (81 point game) Bryant. Is there a single player more valuable right now?

Moving on to the NFL draft, there were a couple of good articles about drafting quarterbacks on ESPN today. In the first, Michael Smith asks some good questions about why teams are more reticent to use high draft picks on QBs when lower picks like Hasselbeck and Brady are thriving. Frankly, I feel John Clayton answers it in the second.

First round quarterbacks are drafted generally onto bad teams. Teams with little supporting staff, zero offensive line help, and yet tons of expectations. They are generally expected to drag a team into respectability by year two. Any failure is unacceptable. And so we see flameout after flameout, from Tim Couch to Akili Smith. Then someone like Ben Roethlisberger comes along and people all of a sudden proclaim him the best young QB in years. I love this quote regarding Big Ben, "How many quarterbacks have been drafted in the past 10 years?" Titans GM Floyd Reese asked. "When a young quarterback loses, he loses credibility and he loses confidence. It's hard for a quarterback to come in and lead a team to a successful season. In Ben Roethlisberger's case, all he had to do was go in there and not screw up the snap."

Take that, Steelers fans. Anyways, it is all the more important to give young QBs years to learn an offense before putting them into the fray. Give them time to mature, learn how defenses are geared to stop them, instead of just setting them up to fail. Until teams do, we will continue to see "poor choices" and I can guarantee that one of the group of Matt Leinart, Vince Young, and Jay Cutler will fall flat and be out of the league within five years.

Only Seattle bit is that Bob Hill's contract was extended for another year. This is classic Sonics stupidity. Create yet another lame duck situation. Awesome. Wouldn't it be better to sign him to a three year cheap deal and fire him after a disappointing year? Isn't it obvious at some point that NBA players don't play well for lame duck coaches generally (Nate McMillan excluded)? I wish the Sonics would hire Tim Ruskell.

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