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Monday, April 17, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Yes, Colin has been beating my teeth in on the amount of posting he is doing. Whenever he starts to boast too much, let's just remember this simple equation.

Colin = Communications Masters Program << Gavin = Engineering Job in Real World

For all you Comm majors out there who provide such necessary post-graduate support as janitors, night watchmen, and cafeteria workers, thank you for your tireless support of the american dream.

On to the Explosion!!

Now is the time of the year when ill-informed college undergraduate basketball players put their names into the NCAA draft pool. Two poor decision were made today, as UConn's Rudy Gay and LSU's Tyrus Thomas declared and will hire agents. Gay especially showed me nothing any game I watched UConn play. Thomas has freakish athletic ability but won't be able to translate all those blocks in the NBA. Both could easily use more seasoning. However, these poor decisions I'm in favor of, because both will be snapped up by stupid teams before Brandon Roy, thus making it more possible for him to fall to the Sonics. So to all those Marvin Williams-esque players out there who would prefer seasons of mediocrity to the NCAA life, please jump on board now. All Seattle fans would really appreciate it.

Continuing on the NBA theme, check out ESPN's Worst Franchise essays today. A few of my highlights include the Arizona Cardinals (yes, not NBA) and Portland. Seriously, how many people think Nate McMillan will be around another full season? Anyone? Of course such a list had to include the New York Knicks and I have to share a story. I was watching the Knicks lose to Cleveland the other night and during a crucial free throw set at the end of the game I heard these words, "Jerome James enters the game for rebounding purposes." How low do you have to sink to hear those words as a Knicks fan? Why not put in Nate Robinson? You'll have a better chance at that rebound than Big Snax. Why people continue to place the Sonics downfall at losing him is beyond me.

- The NFL draft is just a couple of weeks away! Two interesting articles today... one on why Vince Young is such a curious prospect (anyone who utterly destroyed two good defenses in Rose Bowls shouldn't be seen as "curious" they should be seen as "top five") and why character is an issue (although "skill" is probably the biggest concern... otherwise their should be more NFL Mormons).

The M's did lose a disappointing game today, but have shown me something these first couple of weeks. They are better than last year. This has been a murderer's row schedule to start out the year, facing ace after ace after ace. Yet the hitting has shown up in many games (if not the big hit) and the starting pitching has been capable. The bullpen has been the most worrisome part of the team so far, and that was supposed to have been the strength. Everyday Eddie may have a long DL stint in his near term future. Terrific.

Good recap on the Sonics season today in the Seattle Times. Personally, I would wait on these season reviews until the season is actually over, but if you're struggling that much to stay financially afloat anything goes. I am pleased at how the Sonics were able to keep Radmanovic completely out of both recent games, and loved this quote in the Times recap "Vladimir Radmanovic was just as ineffective as his first game against his former team. Two nights after missing eight of nine shots at KeyArena, Radmanovic missed seven for 10 unless you want to include the first-quarter basket he knocked for the Sonics trying to grab a rebound. Some Sonics fans would say that was the first points in the paint he scored for Seattle this season." That's what I would call humorous. What isn't humorous of course are David Stern's comments about Seattle not wanting an NBA team. Of course all those years of sellouts were really a precursor to our not wanting an NBA team. Oh wait... that must not have happened in Stern's Bizarro World. Still, it's just posturing. Rich men fighting with rich men. John McGrath (which I link to above) had a good article detailing my question with the Sonics ownership... what exactly do you want done? I haven't heard much other than "renovation". What do you want renovated and why? How are you going to make the Sonics a profitable franchise? I really do understand a bit where both Schultz and Paul Allen are coming from. We have this odd thinking about owners that they essentially have to provide this service, this team, to the community no matter what financial losses they occur. This seems to be shortsighted. We don't mind them losing millions and millions of dollars that they did actually earn, but when we are faced with 50-100 bucks of our money we balk. Hypocritical? Perhaps... but regardless, these men are entitled to at least try and make a profit. This is a business and we shouldn't forget it. As usual, Art Thiel has the final word on the subject for today.

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