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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Perhaps some of you have been wondering where the heck Colin and I have been... I would argue, but my hard drive crashed and I'm worried about my karma. My laptop will start to boot up, then this Intel Boot screen will appear, my "media cable" will not be connected and the dreaded words "operating system not found" will then appear. All in all, bad news.

Because of all these delays, I wasn't able to write about the few sporting moments I had from this past weekend, like my very first 18 holes of golf this past Saturday. If anyone remembers Saturday, especially on the east side, you might remember that there was this downpour from above. I was lucky enough to play golf in that. The downside? Cigars wouldn't stay lit. Upside? Balls hit in the rough didn't roll as far. However, I did really enjoy myself (shot a 127, bam!), couldn't hit a driver to save my life, but my trusty 3 iron and 5 iron helped me bounce the ball along the ground and through the trees towards the green with an inch of standing water.

I'm also going to be in this City of Bellevue basketball league starting next Monday, so if anyone reads this site and are going to be playing the PSoCs in the next couple of months, stop by and say hi.

On to Seattle sports!

I went to my very first M's game on Friday, excited to watch King Felix strut his stuff. Unfortunately, the highlight of the evening was watching the SPU Men's Basketball Team throw out the first pitch. Go alma mater! Felix was obviously pumped up, and it was only through his massive talent that he shut down Oakland through five. Of course then Julio Mateo goes out there and can't throw a strike to save his life. Man that game was dull. I HATE watching games where our pitchers go 3-2 every time out, like most Gil Meche starts. The whole weekend was a depressing nightmare. Now, it did show why Oakland is going to be an amazing team, because anyone who throws out Zito and Harden is going to put a lot of teams into slumps. Let's see what we can now do against Cleveland.

Ty Law would like to be a Seahawk? Sign him up, but not for that 10 million he's asking for. Also not a huge fan of the whole Jamie Martin thing... anyone watch a Rams game last year? Man, I can't wait for September. Please, summer, go quickly! Let me not have to watch M's games for that many months without my football... and Arena football doesn't count.

The Huskies are scrimmaging! Stop the presses! Write inane articles about random stuff that makes no difference! Scrimmages!

The Sonics keep on winning and now are 11th in the standings. Thanks a lot for losing out on Brandon Roy, losers. I don't care how great stuff is, how Chris Wilcox is starting to look All-Pro, how Earl Watson is a defensive stopper, I wanted a better draft pick. Darn it.

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