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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

I think I'll mix things up and start out with a few national stories before hitting the home teams, both of whom had fairly interesting nights yesterday.

- The NFL schedule system finally makes more sense, as the Sunday Night primetime games will be held for an actual good game, instead of those awful Baltimore-Miami matches in week 16. This was so long overdue it's not even funny. I can understand how Monday Night is another story, as it's a little harder to push everything back a day than a few hours. At least one of the two primetime games WILL be a good matchup and I can't applaud this enough. The overall schedule should actually be released in the next couple of days as well, so stay tuned for that.

- I thought I'd chime in on this whole Brett Favre story. This is fairly simple, as Seth Wickersham blogs on ESPN. The Packers are not going to be good next year. There is no reason for Favre to return next year to throw 25 picks on a losing team. If he wants to play one more season he should say so and try to be released. Until then I have to agree with a lot of what Mark Chimura has been saying. It just looks selfish. The Packers organization needs to know what their plans should be. Favre has a responsibility to quit dragging this crap out and decide.

- If there's a bigger mess than Portland in the NBA, it's the New York Knicks. Oddly enough, both feature proven disciplinarian coaches who have lost their respective squads. Of course, New York also has Isaiah Thomas, who soon will sign me to a six year 80 million dollar contract for my length and upside. Look, coaching is only part of the problem here, especially in New York, with possibly the only coach in my lifetime that I can credit for turning teams around in Larry Brown. If I was coaching a team filled with nothing but small forwards and one selfish point guard I'd be a little pissy too.

- My favorite moment from MLBTV so far? Watching the LA-Atlanta game, during which LA fans were offered a cell phone poll to ask how many games they expected the Dodgers to win during the season. The result? 72% of LA Dodger fans believe the team will win more than 91 games in 2006. Basically, Dodger fans are morons.

The USSM guys would probably like Rob Neyer's most recent article on ESPN, where he refers to Carl Everett as "Carlosaurus Everett". I personally like the article since he berates Mike Hargrove for putting in Putz in the ninth on Opening Night, thereby keeping Eddie Guardado in the wings for a save situation that WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO OCCUR. I remember last year how Colin and I started the "Mike Hargrove Bonehead Call of the Day" Award until it just got too repetitive. That would be the inaugural moment. Last night was actually fairly tame for Mikey, so I'll give him a pass. Still, how about that Johjima guy? I'd like to see a little more patience at the plate, but he is quickly putting the ghost of Miguel Olivo out to pasture. I've also been pleasantly surprised by both Jose Lopez and Yuniesky Betancourt at the plate, who have been a part of all our best rallies (while Adrian Beltre hasn't yet shown up this season, perhaps we should all send him directions to Safeco). Speaking of directions to Safeco, that place was a friggin' mausoleum last night. Only 20,000 people? Apparently this is a good year to walk up for fun. On to the relief pitching... I know they want to save Soriano and work him along slowly, but seriously, he is far better than JJ Putz and his straight-as-a-freaking-arrow fastball. Also, Eddie Guardado ALWAYS sucks in non-save situations. For some reason he needs that adrenaline, so I'm not concerned about his suckitude yesterday. Finally, the Joel Piniero we saw yesterday (since every paper HAD to write about this) was the same old Piniero. He couldn't strike anyone out and pitched to contact. That essentially means he's a slightly improved Ryan Franklin. I will say that he had Garret Anderson struck out on the pitch before the home run, but it's still his responsibility not to throw a fastball belt high over the plate. Anyways, no one should get too excited, although if his velocity really is up to 92 we may see the beginnings of a turnaround. His changeup looked tremendous a few times as well.

The Sonics continue to do way too well, destroying the Rockets last night. Chris Wilcox is going to make a lot of money in the offseason, hopefully with us. Anyone who can go 20-20 while still only having one post move has a lot of potential still untapped. I can't wait for next season to start and I don't like the NBA. David Locke (again, read his Sonics coverage and ignore everything else) has another good article out today. His premise is right, our big men (Wilcox, Swift, Petro) have flashed a ton of potential in the second half of the year. The offseason is where that potential can translate into consistency.

The Seahawks are going to be really good next season. Nate Burleson will help create our best receiving corps in history, more than adequately replacing Jurevicius. I listened to his press conference on KJR and was impressed with his maturity and obvious desire to play for the home team. For the reasonable deal we signed him it was a no-brainer. Now we see if we can use the 10 million we have left to convince Ty Law to join our defense. It is a difficult decision. The guy is 32 (why I was previously not in favor of signing Law, also because I'd read of his absurd salary demands) and is only one year away from a season ending injury. On the other hand, we really could use another solid corner opposite Trufant so that Herndon isn't burning us weekly. Hopefully we reach a good agreement on a two year deal and draft a corner to replace him.

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