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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

I know that after the one loss it becomes a lot more likely for all us fair weather fans to feel like leaping from tall buildings (see: Colin's post), but we probably should all stop hyperventilating. Seriously, Steve Kelley's already referring to this season in the past tense. After one game? If I remember correctly, after game one last year we were all pumped about Richie and Adrian after a nice win over Minnesota. This game means absolutely nothing. I'm assuming Oakland isn't crying hard after Barry Zito got absolutely shellacked. Maybe I'm already too cynical about the season, but I'm already approaching most games beyond expecting a win or a loss and just enjoying watching players like Lopez and Betancourt (not to mention Johjima, what a blast) grow. My other random Mariner complaint HAS to be the continued use of awful techno crap as the "pump up the fans" songs. You have got to be kidding me. What the heck song was that as the M's were introduced? Are we still using that Zombie song later? After having been to all these Seahawks games I'm sure I'll be thoroughly disappointed in my fan-going brethren, but the team does an awful job riling them up.

It was appropriate that the loudest ovations on opening day were actually for the Seahawks and QB Matt Hasselbeck, who threw a nice strike and had some (as usual) tremendous quotes in the paper. Now we have Ty Law coming in for a visit this week. I wasn't all that interested in signing him before, but if we have 10 million left to spend, what the hell? Go for it. Let's make that defense a top five (as it already could be). Speaking of the draft, remember how I had a huge man-crush on USC RB LenDale White? Well, since he apparently has decided to go the Bartolo Colon route on his offseason conditioning and his draft stock is really slipping. This is still highly unlikely, and I do really want a DE, but if White is available at our pick we need to take him.

What is it with this team and broken noses? Now Petro goes down with one. Is this an NBA franchise or a hockey team? Anyways, I had to chime in a little late on that Blazers smackdown of a couple days ago. I did watch that game and the Blazers played one of the worst most disinterested 48 minutes I've ever seen. I was half joking when Nate left and I predicted he would be fired within two years, but watching that game and their current 11 game losing skid made those thoughts all the more prevalent. It is obvious that young team has given up on the season at the same time that our young players are fighting hard most games (outside of that Houston debacle). The Blazers continue to be a mess, with little to no upside. I feel bad for Nate, but it was his decision. When he's a broadcaster for FSN in a year we'll enjoy listening to his insights.

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