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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thoughts From Planet Gahnegon

The last week and a half have found me in a sinus-related stupor, then mixed with various decongestents, antibiotics, and, yes, steroids (for anti-inflammatory purposes). To be sure, this has caused my attention span, short as it is, to completely disappear, and my drive to blog become as low as Mr. Beltre's batting average. However, enough is enough, and it is time to return to the world of writing about needless Seattle sports matters and ripping on Gavin.

First up, isn't it time for the NFL draft already? I mean, I'm a raging NFL fanatic, and even I am pretty sick and tired of the play this has gotten over the last two months. We have Reggie Bush's parents getting (perhaps) free room and board from some jerk, Vince Young testing lower then an average 3rd grader, Matt Leinart already acting like a big star in the NFL without taking a snap, Mario Williams somehow jumping into top contention because of his tremendous upside, and Mel Kiper Jr.'s hair is starting to resemble some asteroid formation from "Battlestar: Gallactica". All in all, it's just about time for teams to actually pick their players so that we can get a much better picture of how the next season might go down, especially in the NFC West, where both St. Louis and Arizona are making waves about picking up Jay Cutler, which makes absolutely no sense for either team. St. Louis has Bulger, who is an above-average QB when healthy, and Arizona..... well, if the first pick in their draft doesn't weigh over 300 pounds and stand IN FRONT of the quarterback, then they're even more stupid than I thought and Denny Green really has no idea about the importance of an offensive line to an offense.

If you are interested in seeing how the experts feel that Seattle will go, click on over to Mike Sando's blog. Sando, you might realize by now, absolutely rocks, and has compiled a list of the possibly-Hawks, which includes standouts like Kelly Jennings, Jonathan Joseph, and Mathias Kiwanuka.

However, one way they will NOT go now, more than likely, is for a safety, after trading their 6th rounder to the Bears for S Mike Green, who becomes a better backup than even Marquand Manuel last year. In short, another tremendous move by Mr. Ruskell, who adds another piece to the puzzle without breaking a sweat (and paying less than Green Bay is paying Manuel). Don't get me wrong, Manuel helped us last year, but he is, quite simply, not the talent that Green Bay thinks it is getting. He's not a starter, he's a capable backup. Green, however, has started 45 games for the Bears, and will be ready to step up if Hamlin can not return or is bothered by his head injury.

This move would seem to leave us in the position of picking up the best cornerback available at pick #31, but, remember, Ruskell surprised us last year with Spencer, so we won't know until about 6 hours into the draft coverage on Saturday (or however long it takes).

Speaking of draft coverage, last year's event had one defining event for the Seahawks that did not include an actual pick. As fans might remember, Tory Holt was a guest analyst for ESPN that day, and was asked his opinion of why the Rams seemed to own Seattle. He answered, quite honestly, that he thought that the Rams were mentally tougher than Seattle and had the edge going into the 4th quarter. I remember sitting on my couch, listening to his spiel, and completely agreeing with him. Here's hoping that the Seahawks don't return to those ways next season, because that mental toughness would seem to be the one pressing issue between them and a trip to Miami, because they WILL have the most talented team in the NFC.

I probably should mention the Mariners, if only to reach my quota of Mariners sentences for any given ramble. Eddie Guardado. Sucks.

Moving on, in case any of you cared, the US Women's Curling Team (my fantasy baseball team) rocked Gavin's team to the tune of 9-3 this past week, led by outstanding weeks from Pedro, Carlos Delgado, and Jason Giambi, who some fool released after ONE WEEK. I mean, wow. A guy doesn't show up for ONE WEEK and you release him? That's just not paying attention to the simple fact that everyone goes through bad weeks and the season stretches until September. Anyways, my team thanks him, because he took my utility role, delegating one Beltre to the bench where he can sit and rot.

What else, what else, what else.....

In case you're wondering, you should probably just stop reading now, because the information coming out of my brain, in all probability, has been "refined" by whatever drug is percolating through my system right now. That and watching an episode of "Spongebob Squarepants" who, while perhaps not gay (with all apologies to James Dobson), never really seems to be, well, funny. Or interesting. Actually, I should probably turn the channel to the Food Network to watch that saucy Italian chef, Giada something or other, make stuffed manicotti. Mmmmmm.

It's official. I have nothing left to write. Goodbye, readers, from Planet Gahnegon. I'll write you again when I return.

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