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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Super-Duper Final Last Word on Hutch

From Pro-Football Talk (link on right, go visit it sometimes):

A league source tells us that the recent ownership meetings in Florida featured a storm of resentment directed at the delegation representing the Minnesota Vikings.

The reason for the discontent was the poison pilled offer sheet that the Vikings presented to former Seahawks guard Steve Hutchinson three weeks ago. The NFL ultimately attempted to challenge the offer on behalf of the Seahawks.

"Everyone was talking about the group of people with more balls and ego than brains," said one source, in reference to the four men who run the organization: owner Zygi Wilf, V.P. of player personnel Fran Foley, V.P. of football operations Rob Brzezinski, and head coach Brad Childress.
"This group is on everyone's sh-t list," added the source. "League office, other teams, owners, personnel people."

The league office also isn't pleased, we're told, with the involvement of former management council employee Dave Blando in the crafting of the offer sheet that prevented the Seahawks from matching. Blando now works as a cap guy for the Vikings, and the thinking is that Blando had a key role in coming up with the term that would have made all of Hutchinson's seven-year, $49 million contract fully guaranteed if the Seahawks had matched.

Wilf bought the Vikings less than a year ago. Childress was hired days after the conclusion of the 2005 season to replace Mike Tice, who was fired minutes after a season-ending win over the Bears. Foley joined the organization not long thereafter from San Diego, where he had served as the director of pro personnel. Brzezinski has been with the team for seven years.

You mights have heard whiffs of this from John Clayton earlier, but this sort of rumour adds to the ire that the Vikings incurred. Honestly, did these guys seriously think that there wouldn't be any repercussions from this deal? Taking the Seahawks out of the equation, EVERY NFL team realized the consequences of this deal for THEIR restricted free-agents, THEIR stake in the collective bargaining agreement, the abolishment of the utility of the transition tag, and the power that this new way of business would give to agents and players.

Of COURSE other owners and personnel guys would be ticked off at the Vikings! It remains to be seen about how this might practically impact the Vikings, but you can be sure that other teams will be very wary of doing business with them.

What an offseason for a team that (sorta) needed to quiet down after the firestorm that was last season, what with this and Brad Childress continuing to run his gums about Daunte Culpepper. Pay extra attention to the game on the schedule where the Vikings come to Qwest Field. Speaking as a fan that won't be able to be there, make me proud....

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