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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Seattle Seahawks Schedule!




Opening Note: ESPN started their coverage of the NFL schedule by spending 15 minutes (I kid you not) talking about T.O. and his return to Philly. Wow.

Opening Note #2: Stop talking about Brett Favre. Wow. Sean Salisbury, how in the world can you coach "the same" without knowing if Brett Favre is coming back? That COMPLETELY CHANGES YOUR TEAM!! Someone is back in midseason form!

Anyhoo, here is the schedule for YOUR Seattle Seahawks (all times EST):

Sep 10 - @Detroit, 1:00pm
We start off the season on the road against Jon Kitna and the Detroit Lions. I'm a little more confident about this matchup because it will take a little while for Mike Martz to put his stamp on this team (and, yes, I believe that Mike Martz will make a greater difference than No-Name Head Coach). Still, every team is playing hard in Week 1, and Detroit will be no exception. We struggled on the road last year on Opening Weekend, with Hasselbeck especially off his game. However, Detroit is no Jacksonville, both offensively and defensively, and this team knows now how to win. I expect us to win this game, but it might be a tad closer then I would like (Why in the world am I predicting games in the beginning of April? Am I pulling a Prisco?).

Sep 17 - Arizona, 4:05pm
I had been talking to Gavin for awhile about coming up to Seattle for their home opener, and the only team that I was hoping that we were not playing that week was Arizona (for obvious reasons). Now I have a difficult choice. Either I come up for the pizzazz that occurs before the game, without really caring about the game itself, or I wait a week, miss the pizzazz, and watch a better game with the Giants. This will be difficult. Any thoughts? However, it might be a good thing to play Arizona in this slot, because they will be improved and it might take the onslaught of emotion to really put us over the top.

Sep 24 - N.Y. Giants, 4:15pm
False Start. Number 61. 5 yard penalty. Still 2nd down. We get to pay attention to a few interesting storylines in this game. #1: Is Eli going to take the step to elite quarterback status? #2: Can the crowd affect the game as it did last year? #3: Whither art thou, Jay Feely? #4: How many gift touchdowns will the refs give the Giants this year after giving them two last year? Still, this game looms as our first big test of the 2006 season, against an NFC team that has serious title hopes. We need to take this game, at home.

Oct 1 - @Chicago, 8:15pm (Sunday Night)
Woof. Perhaps the toughest game of the season comes in Week 4 against that killer defense in Chicago. It will be up to Mike Holmgren and Haskell to put together our own killer offensive plan, and this will also be the first game, in my opinion, where we will truly see how the loss of Hutch will affect us with the Bears AWESOME defensive line. We better pay attention to how Carolina took it to the Bears in the playoffs last year, and be a copycat.

Week 5 - BYE
Early bye, could be a positive, especially after two tough games and leading into the toughest division game at St. Louis.

Oct 15 - @St. Louis, 1:00pm
Perhaps the second toughest game of the season simply because of the true bad blood between these two division rivals. Last year it took the heroics of Hass and Joe J. to get a win. The second big test for our defense (after the Giants). Can Julian Peterson and Lofa Tatupu step up and lead our team to a needed, NEEDED victory?

Oct 22 - Minnesota, 4:15pm
The return of the Hutch. Sure, boo him a little, but also remember what he accomplished in a Seahawks uniform, helping our team to their first ever Super Bowl. Also remember that the poison pill wouldn't ever have happened if our team had given him the franchise tag like they should have. Also remember that he is now blocking for Chester Taylor and Brad Johnson. Isn't that, at the very least, semi-punishment enough?

Oct 29 - @Kansas City, 2:00pm
I let out a sigh in relief when I saw that we were not heading to Kansas City in November and, especially, December, where this team is unstoppable at home. September and October are where they are beatable, especially with the loss of Vermeil and Saunders. Is Trent Green healthy enough for another run? Is Tony Gonzalez up for a bounce-back year? Is Larry Johnson ready to rush for 3000 yards? This was a house of horrors for the Seahawks back in the day (think worse than Washington and St. Louis combined), but it will be great to see the Hawks playing there once again, win or lose. Just brings back tons of memories.

Nov 6 - Oakland, 9:30pm (Monday Night)
Hmmmm. Prime-time game. Against Oakland. At home. Think that Shaun Alexander might have a big game? If history repeats itself, it certainly will. By this point, Oakland will be predictably slumping after underachieving once again, but every home game is a must-win for a team that wants to get home-field advantage.

Nov 12 - St. Louis, 5:15pm
Always love when the division rivals come to town. It will be very interesting to see how the division is shaking out at this point, halfway through the season. Indeed, last season at this point the Seahawks were already in the process of wrapping up the title. That probably won't be happening at this point, but a win here would be a serious step in that direction.

Nov 19 - @San Francisco, 5:05pm
Aaaaaaaand there's San Francisco, who magically has gotten EVEN WORSE in the offseason, at least on paper, in losing Peterson, Carter, and especially Brandon Lloyd, who just killed us every time we played them. Now, who do they have? A "star" quarterback with small hands, an aging defensive tackle, and some running backs who might have talent. I am SO GLAD I am not a Niners fan right now.

Nov 27 - Green Bay, 9:30pm (Monday Night)
Wow, two Monday Night games this season! Honestly, the NFL didn't really stiff us in the prime-time games this season, though I would have preferred a home game in Opening Weekend and, perhaps, a Thanksgiving Day matchup. I have no idea what to say about this game, because Favre still hasn't decided whether he is coming back. However, losing their defensive coordinator from last year, Jim Bates, hurts, because he had made that unit respectable. Mike McCarthy was an uninspired choice, leading to some real doubts in my mind about the competence of Thompson as G.M.

Dec 3 - @Denver, 5:15pm
The third hardest game of the season, as Denver is always, ALWAYS, tough at home, and both teams will be in a push for a playoff spot at this point in time. It will take an EXTREMELY good performance on all sides of the football for the Seahawks to take this one home, even with Jake Plummer playing QB for the Broncos.

Dec 10 - @Arizona, 5:05pm
Yeah! I get to see the Hawks in Arizona's new stadium! The real question will be whether Kurt Warner is still healthy at this point and whether Edge has made a huge difference for this team. This game might still have some real importance from a divisional standpoint depending on their offensive line, and the Cardinals always play us tough down in Arizona.

Dec 14 - San Francisco, 9:00pm (Thursday NFL Network)
Stupid NFL Network. This means that I'll actually have to get this network just to watch the Seahawks play, though the fact that the game is against the Niners might be enough to dissuade me from the purchase. Good likelihood that, if you want tickets to this game, my brother might be able to help you out.

Dec 24 - San Diego, 5:15pm
Hopefully I will also be able to attend this game, as the current plan is to be up in Seattle at Christmastime. Is Phillip Rivers ready to take command? Can Tomlinson be THE MAN once again? Can we whup Shawn Merriman for taking Tatupu's Defensive Rookie of the Year award? This game might be for home-field advantage, so we better get our groove on, and fast.

Dec 31 - @Tampa Bay, 2:00pm
The hope is that this game means absolutely nothing, because you don't want to have to travel to Tampa Bay with something to play for. The great news is that Chris Simms is playing quarterback, and if this is a big game for Tampa Bay, that means good news for us. Still, not a game that I wanted to see come Week 17.

Five Toughest Games On The Schedule:
at Chicago
at St. Louis
at Denver
NY Giants
at Tampa Bay

Five Easiest Games On The Schedule:
San Francisco
at San Francisco
Green Bay
at Detroit

So, there you have it. 16 games on the road to, hopefully, the postseason, and then, hopefully, Miami. We already knew what teams we were playing, but now we know when. Five LOOOOOOOONG months from now.

Go Seahawks!

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