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Friday, April 21, 2006

Random Ramble - Gavin Style

Colin's made these rambles "famous" on this blog (and by "famous" I mean interesting to read incoherent thoughts put down by an insomniac on nights when his neighbors are enjoying themselves physically extremely loudly), but I haven't done so, generally because it's easier to link to articles that do my thinking for me.

Today, though, I was looking through this past week and realizing that Colin and I didn't write much at all. In fact, it was one of our lighter weeks in recent memory. Instead of throwing out the standard "I was busy and have a life" excuses that are actually fairly lame, since I have a 50+hr/wk job and Colin's just about gotten his masters (in communications, yes, but a masters all the same) I tried thinking about a few stories I could write about. That just got me depressed.

Nationally? I could write about the continued Barry Bonds steroids allegations, and rehash extremely tired storylines. Either I could be outraged by a "cheater" passing Hank Aaron or outraged by Bud Selig using a crony (George Mitchell) to "investigate" claims that he knows full well are validated by HIS OWN FRIGGIN' KNOWLEDGE. And of course we, the fans, eat up this farce by calling sports talk shows to spout the same tired cliches about how outraged we are. Does anyone remember all those articles about Bret Boone turning into "Superman" before the 2001 season? I sure do. That's why Colin and I don't write about this crap. It's moronic.

I could write about lacrosse players at Duke allegedly raping a black stripper, but everything about that story makes me angry. Whatever happened to "innocent before proven guilty"? Apparently our fever swamp media didn't get that meme, rather playing up the rich white boy vs poor black female story. Those damn rich white boys. I hate them all.

I could even write about how no one in my generation appears to know simple grammar, since they all have grown up on AOL IM and so insist on obliterating any realistic view of the English language.

Locally I could think about putting together a Sonics post-mortem, but honestly, why would I desire to do that right now? Honestly, who the heck knows what this team will do? Will they even be in Seattle in two years? Will a team that wants to prove that it's hemorraghing money poney up for Chris Wilcox and Luke Ridnour or will it, like Milwaukee a couple of years ago, build everything on the cheap in an effort to value the franchise for potential buyers, thus paving the way for a rich white boy with a ridiculous moustache (maybe Adam Morrison instead of Andrew Bogut?)? That's just depressing to think about, and I don't even need to read another Art Thiel piece to get that perspective.

I could write about the Mariners, but I have been so disillusioned this year. I'm not sure what the problem is. A couple of years ago I waited until the first possible day to buy tickets and then went and bought 10 games. This year I waited until I was sure Felix was going to make a start and had a friend buy them two days before. Last year we did Week in Reviews to start the year. This year every loss feels inevitable. The Optimists side of me on this franchise has already been Crushed. Anyways, when I feel better, as I did yesterday, Eddie Guardado goes along and pulls a Bobby Ayala on us. Is it just me or do our pitchers walk everybody? It makes innings last forever and it's boring as all get out. While I'm not to the odd "hate him no matter what" view that the USSM guys apparently have taken on Carl Everett (apparently not believing in dinosaurs and having unproven abuse allegations is enough to hit the permanent blacklist for statheads... I'll keep that in mind), I'm still not excited about his presence on this team, and since Mike Hargrove is still one of the worst managers in baseball we're guaranteed to see pure stupidity at its finest on a regular basis, like having Matt Lawton DH and Willie BallGame play centerfield. Maybe they go on a run and enthrall the locals, but until then it's just depressing to have to consider a few more months of Sexson strikeouts and Beltre whatever-the-heck-his-problem-is.

That's probably why I got so excited when the long awaited call from the Seahawks came and I became an official season ticket holder with actual seats. That got me as excited as I've been in a while. Sad, huh?

So it's too bad we haven't written more recently, and perhaps time will bring more interesting stories (the NBA playoffs? Ummm.... the possibility of the snoozefest Detroit/San Antonio still looms and as long as the Anti-Christ (Ginobili) is in there I'm avoiding it, not to mention the atrocious officiating that is, admittedly, worse than the NFL), and until then, I guess it's just time to continue to ramble.

8 days until the NFL Draft!

Go Hawks!

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I wanted to contact you via email, but I don't see any contact info on the site. I'm interested in syndicating your feed to increase your blog's visibility. Please email me if you are interested --

At 11:03 PM, Blogger nach said...

Gav, what's the word on your fantasy matchup this week? Looked pretty one sided...


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