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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pete Prisco, I Wish I Knew How To Quit You...

Well.... Petey the Prisco is back, for better or worse, with his new and improved NFL Power Rankings, a random exercise that means absolutely jack squat except to give me an opportunity to make fun of them (and, of course, him by extension).

To be honest, the very idea of ranking NFL teams..... IN APRIL.... BEFORE THE DRAFT... is durn foolish. But, hey, this is Petey, and it's not like he has anything better to write. He's already crossed off writing about T.O. (check), Keyshawn Johnson (check), the NFL celebration rule (check), Vince Young (check), and the requisite Raiders article about how improved they'll be come September (check).

So.... where does ol' Petey end up ranking the Hawks? Excuse me, the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. Where does he rank them?

That..... would be 8th.

Behind Jacksonville.

Behind Miami.

Behind Carolina.

Behind (of course) New England.

His mind-numbing rationale?
Losing Steve Hutchinson at guard will hurt, but they did the right thing not matching the offer sheet. Julian Peterson will help the defense, but have they really improved?

Wow. Have they really improved? The Colts lose Edge and you rank them 2nd. Have THEY really improved? The Patriots have lost several key players and added NO ONE. Have THEY really improved?

Looks like the Hawks will start the season once again unappreciated, which, hey, works for me. It'll be all the sweeter.

P.S. Yes, the Hawks have really improved.

P.P.S. I must tell our readers that I have, at long last, discovered the mystery behind Petey Prisco. He graduated from Arizona State.

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