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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

NFC West - Pre-Draft

Read this Football Outsider's post, which predictably is awesome.

Personally, Gavin and I (probably just "I" since Gavin is lazy) will overview the West, but we will wait until after the draft to do so, since the acquisitions contained therein might affect our overall perspective of the NFC West.

As for the Seahawks, welcome back Tom Rouen! Yeah!

Tom Rouen, as we all recall, was awesome in the postseason against Washington and absymal in the Super Bowl against Pittsburgh. He was, basically, our worst player not named Jerramy Stevens or Etric Pruitt on that fateful day. Fortunately there will be a position battle in training camp, as we already have one guy over in Europe and will probably draft another one (though not in the 4th round, as Mel Kiper predicts. Who picks a punter in the 4th round, especially with no pick in the 3rd round?).

Still, we have another vet around in case no young whippersnapper steps up, and we are down another check mark on the offseason list. Go Ruskell!

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