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Monday, April 24, 2006


So El Jefe ringing in here with a hearty "gracias!" to the crushed duo who have generously allowed me to take up some space here with some soccer musings (some related to The Cup, others - well, who knows?). One thing for sure is that Arsenal seek to gain passage to the biggest club final of the year tomorrow. They travel to Villarreal (yeah, I'm pretty sure that's how it's spelled but don't ask me to roll my rr's) por la manana and hope to end the cinderella-esque run the "Yellow Submarine" have enjoyed thus far. Yes, you heard it right, a team named after one of the worst Beatles songs. Personally, I'd rather have a team nicknamed "Something in the way of the Magical-Mystery-Rubber Soul-Walrus" but one can only imagine the acronyms that would result (hey, I'm a boeing guy...acronyms are our specialty), much less the beyond awful jersey Nike would be sure to come up with...ugh. But I digress from the real point here that Arsenal take a 1-0 lead going into a tough away game I expect them to handle. They are favored, yes, but will have to battle - and if they are worth the run they've had thus far this year, my money is on them to end tomorrow 1-1 and win the aggregate 2-1. The final may be another thing all together, but it's bad form to even consider that now...semifinals are often not cakewalks (drat, what's the british equivalent of such a metaphor here?).
It all gets started somewhere around 11:30am pacific time. You know I'll be gamecasting it via espn at the Gunners!

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