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Thursday, April 27, 2006

And The Circle Of Life Continues....

As some of you might recall, nothing (NOTHING!!) in the history of the C.O. has ticked off Gavin and I quite like the undeserved love lavished upon the Arizona Cardinals last NFL offseason, while the Seahawks were usually picked to finish third in the NFC West.

Well, the balance was restored as the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl and the Cardinals finished a dismal 5-11 behind an atrocious offensive line and inconsistent performers, not to mention some absolutely odd coaching moves by one Dennis Green.

Fast forward to today. ESPN has decided to treat this year's NFL Draft as the next coming of Jesus Christ (included: more embedded reporters then in the whole of Iraq), and has spent the last couple of weeks focusing on every single team's glaring needs and weaknesses. Forget the fact that the draft doesn't exist to stop a team's glaring needs in a given season. The draft exists to build teams for future seasons, though in rare cases a star might arise, such as a Tatupu or Hill. Since I am grading papers, I figured that I would actually turn it on, hoping that I might get at least one glimpse of intelligence from the TV, if not from the papers I was grading (hint: learn how to spell "their" and "you're" before entering college).

I hoped wrong, turning on the show just as Trey and the boys finished up a killer interview with Coach Green and started debating about the future of the Cardinals. The question was posed to their super-sweet panel, "How Good Will The Cardinals Be?"

Horrible Answer By Sean Salisbury: "The Arizona Cardinals will have one of the best three offenses in the NFL."


Double Wow.

Let's see here. What are some other possible teams that might, just MIGHT, have better offenses then Arizona in 2006?

How about......

Indianapolis: No Edge, but Peyton still exists.
Cincinnati: Carson Palmer is back and ready to roll.
Seattle: MVP. Hasselbeck.
Kansas City: NFL, Larry Johnson. Larry Johnson, NFL.
Dallas: I hate to say it, but a guy named T.O. will be roaming the sidelines.
New England: Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady.

If this is the beginning of more Arizona-loving, I'll be outside waiting for the killer heat here in Phoenix to melt my brain.

This team did put together a top-10 offense and a top-10 defense last year, and STILL went 5-11. That's pathetic. This team did let their best quarterback, Josh McCown, go in free-agency, meaning that when Kurt Warner INEVITABLY misses a few games, the Cards' backup quarterback is John Navarre.

Grrrrrr. Thank you, Sean Salisbury, for the April "Stupidest Talking-Head Quote of the Month".

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