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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Am I Forgetting Something.....?

I woke up from my sinus-induced layover in Gahnegon today, realizing that there was some tournament going on in the world of sports that we here at Crushed Optimists had not yet touched. No, it was not the Champions League semi-final, handled ably by Jeff, though I must raise my voice in objection to a sport where a team can advance to a final by scoring a whopping 1 goal in two games. Those standards would make the Seattle Mariners an elite baseball team. It was also not the Pac-10 men's golf tournament, where numerous golfers are, I am sure, golfing.

(Mental note: Never watch Tony Reali ever attempt to do Shakespeare ever again, especially when that leads into him talking about Ricky Williams and the marijuana. Makes me feel like I'm back on Gahnegon.)

No, the here-to-fore unappreciated tournament here at the C.O. is the NBA playoffs, home to Kobe, LeBron, Carmelo, Nash, and Shaq, where Ron Artest is revered in Sac-Town and the Anti-Christ continues to reign supreme in San Antonio, where THREE TEAMS below or at .500 made the playoffs from the Eastern Conference, and where you can stand to see some truly, truly awful refereeing before the month is over. I mean, you might complain about the NFL refs (I know I do), but NBA refs seem to be on perma-disconnect from reality, sorta like the ad guys over at Applebee's who thought to themselves, "You know what would make people really want to eat our shrimp? Let's hire two really annoying guys to play the song from 'Gilligan's Island' to some incredibly lame lyrics, and then, when everyone is sick and tired of THAT song, let's make some MORE commercials about our steaks, etc.!"

Why have we not talked about the NBA playoffs as much as last year? A few reasons come to mind....

1. The Seattle SuperSonics Sucked.
2. Sucktasm from the Seattle SuperSonics
3. The SuperSonics, from Seattle, Sucked.

Let's be honest. If the Sonics were in this postseason, you bet you would be getting lots of previews, reviews, analysis (probably poor in quality), and general espewing of knowledge and opinions. However, the Sonics decided that defense was for fairies, and, thus, once again my enthusiasm about the "sport" known as the NBA waned.

I admit, I have now watched about 30 seconds of the postseason (I saw Antonio Daniels commit a cheap foul and Mike Bibby miss a 3-pointer, whoopee!), but, besides that, I'm going to cheer for Phoenix and pay attention once the 2nd round starts. You see, especially in years like this, there are very, very few 1st round matchups to pay attention to.

San Antonio/Sacramento? Nah.
Denver/The Clips? Bah.
Miami/Chicago? Tis to laugh.
New Jersey/Indiana? Boring.
Jack Bauer/President Logan? Now you're getting somewhere.....

Due to my lack of watching the actual NBA season, I'm surprised that Steve Nash appears to have been voted MVP again, as I find it fairly unbelievable (with a tinge of racism on my part against white Canucks) that a white Canuck has won two NBA MVP's in this day and age. I also recall that only ONE NBA player this year scored 81 points in a single game. That wasn't Nash. Still, Nash has made Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and Tim Thomas into actual scoring machines, and Phoenix returned to prominence even without STAT (Amare), Q, and Joe J., and much credit must be given to a floppy-haired peacenik.

Kobe, by the way, will be switching to #24 come next year in honor of earning more money in jersey sales. People will be shocked to discover that, with the change, Kobe's record will be completely expunged of any alleged wrongdoing in the state of Colorado, and his wife will give back her ring, also known as Mount Vesuvius.

You know what gets more press than the NBA playoffs? Brett Favre not retiring, which is the biggest non-story of the year. Reggie Bush gets more press. Barry Bonds hitting another meaningless homerun gets more press.

Still, I'll be interested in a round or two, especially if Phoenix is still around and San Antonio loses, maybe even chiming in with a round of predictions (though don't pay attention to who I picked before the season.... hint: Both Seattle and Houston figured prominently in my analysis).

Until then, go ahead and watch if you dare..... might be more interesting than watching the Mariners.

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