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Saturday, April 29, 2006

2nd Round Thoughts

- LenDale White and Winston Justice keep dropping. Their interviews must have been about as good as an inebriated squirrel.

- However, there are a few odd names starting to appear, with some better names on the table. Darryl Tapp and Thomas Howard are two names for example that are being passed over a lot. Same with Jimmy Williams.

- Boomer "I guess we're on. Don't go far."... ESPN is having some serious audio issues today.

- C Jeff Faine finally gets traded from the Browns, this time to the Saints, essentially replacing the man who supplanted him, LeCharles Bentley. That's a bit of irony.

- Not sure why the Jets, with all their holes, traded out of that high second round pick, especially with some of the quality players available like LenDale White.

- I'm with Colin. Those Applebees guys need to be stopped. If it has to fall to me, so be it.

- New England gets the first steal of the second round with Chad Jackson. Great pick... way better than their lame first one. Why didn't Green Bay take Jackson when they have these issues with Javon Walker?

- And now Javon Walker is gone to Denver for the second round pick. And now Denver's picks make a bit more sense, although I'm not sure why it took quite this long for the trade to become official.

- Colin will like the Jimmy Williams pick for the Falcons. Great corner in the second round.

- The Raiders just took Thomas Howard, OLB. I liked him. Shouldn't have dropped that far. This 2nd round has been crawling after how quick the first round moved.

- Philadelphia just traded up for Winston Justice. They could definitely use him. Terrific move. However, very strange move from the Titans standpoint. Now a team that bad doesn't have another pick until the fourth round? What? Oh wait, they did get the later second rounder...

- The Cardinals take Deuce Lutui, meaning they actually were serious about taking a guard after all. How about that? I'm just glad Winston Justice didn't slip all the way to them. That would have been extremely lame for them to have gotten that absurdly lucky.

- The Bears take this Danieal Manning guy with their first pick in the draft. He's a DB. This is a HUGE Gavin Creed mistake. Not only is he not the best corner left, but they desperately need more offensive help. I suddenly don't fear the Bears as much next year.

- And the Giants make a good move, trading up to grab Sinorice Moss, giving them an excellent explosive WR to go with Plaxico Burress.

- And Tennessee takes the stab at LenDale White. They will not be disappointed. Now they have a terrific QB in the future in Vince Young and LenDale White in the backfield. Wow. That sure works well.

- St Louis takes Joe Klopfenstein, a TE from Colorado. Apparently another reason we just aren't afraid of the Rams in the future.

- Go Pac-10! I'll be very interested in the career of Kellen Clemens. I've always like him, even if he is a bit erratic. His accuracy was much improved last season.

- I'm surprised Minnesota didn't go after Brodie Croyle to back up Brad Johnson. He was there for the taking.

- Dallas took a TE after signing Ryan Hannam and having Jason Witten? That doesn't sound right.

- Carolina gets a nice steal replacement of Ricky Manning Jr picking up CB Richard Marshall from Fresno St. I like him quite a bit.

- Nice shot of Rasheed Wallace and the Pistons watching the draft in the locker room. I like the Pistons more and more each time I see a shot of them.

- I like OT Jeremy Trueblood. Good pick for Tampa Bay.

- Jacksonville gets Maurice Drew! Another good Pac-10 player down to Florida, to join Reggie Williams and Khalif Barnes. He should at least impact the return game and any help for the Jags offense is good help.

- Possible Seattle picks? Darryl Tapp, Ashton Youboty are still available... and we take Tapp! The guy I thought we could easily take in the first round drops to us at the bottom of the second! Terrific first day for the Hawks. Get a solid corner and a great Bryce Fisher-mold defensive end.

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