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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

2006 NFL Mock(ed) Draft: Don Banks

I'm not a huge Don Banks fan, as he was one of the many who predicted first Washington, then Carolina, then Pittsburgh to beat the Seahawks for what could only be called asinine reasons. Therefore I will hopefully take some pleasure in ripping this mock draft for all it's worth.

1 Houston RB Reggie Bush USC
No different from the last one, no different from the next one. Here's a thought... should the Texans actually consider D'Brickashaw Ferguson? That offensive line is so awful that getting such a terrific tackle prospect could help David Carr and Dominack Davis become the playmakers their talent requests.

2 New Orleans DE Mario Williams N.C. State
Oddly enough, I agree with this pick. You have Drew Brees now, even if the contract is structured easily enough to be a one year shot. Fill another hole, and that defense has plenty. Yes, it is the number two pick, but enough of this crap about not picking the player you want because he's "not supposed to go that high". What is that?

3 Tennessee QB Matt Leinart USC
A good pick if you take Norm Chow into consideration. A bad pick if you like Vince Young better (which I go back and forth on almost daily).

4 NY Jets OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson Virginia
The Jets get an amazing tackle prospect, which I like. However, they badly need a replacement for Curtis Martin. Well, I did say I wouldn't argue much with any team drafting a good offensive lineman so I won't start now.

5 Green Bay LB A.J. Hawk Ohio State
This is exactly what we dealt with last time. Look people, the Packers need many things, but to me, you either draft a corner on defense or you think about surrounding Aaron Rodgers with actual talent. Personally, judging from what I wrote below, I'm starting to believe that helping Aaron Rodgers succeed might be more valuable.

6 San Francisco TE Vernon Davis Maryland
Here we go again. HAS ANYONE HEARD OF ERIC JOHNSON BEFORE? The ONE bright spot two years ago? San Francisco has so many holes that it is utterly ridiculous to obsolete the best offensive player on the team. My word.

7 Oakland DB Michael Huff Texas
If I was Oakland I'd be looking at a linebacker, but Huff has impressed and they need to replace Charles Woodson, so if AJ Hawk isn't on the board this isn't a bad second option.

8 Buffalo DT Haloti Ngata Oregon
This feels a little high, especially with how weak the Bills were offensively last year. Still, the defense needs the help and good defensive tackles are hard to find.

9 Detroit CB Jimmy Williams Virginia Tech
While Jimmy Williams is a good talent I'm not a fan of this pick. Detroit already has Dre Bly, a solid shutdown corner. Again, when you have a ton of holes, pick one better, and when there are players like Winston Justice and freaking Vince Young out there it is almost idiotic for Mr. Banks to pick Williams here (side note: why the heck would Oakland pass on Young too? Because Aaron Brooks wouldn't like it?).

10 Arizona QB Vince Young Texas
You have got to be friggin' kidding me. For starters, no way Vince Young or Jay Cutler should be around at this point in the game. Teams like Oakland and Buffalo need quarterback help enough to not afford passing on such talents. Since this is a fairyland pick, I'll just restate that Arizona needs offensive line help... badly. Vince Young... riiiiight.

11 St Louis QB Jay Cutler Vanderbilt
Like I wrote before, if Cutler is available here, the Rams need to take him. Otherwise I would assume someone like Ngata might be around (think defense for once, Rams).

12 Cleveland LB Ernie Sims Florida State
Beware the phrase "shooting up draft boards". Oftentimes to me that's followed by "impressed at the combine with his vertical leap" and "overshawdowed often disappointing college career". As it is, there are more accomplished linebackers in this draft (Carpenter etc) that would be better suited for Crennel's defense. If they needed Florida St I would probably go with that DT Bunckly guy anyways.

13 Baltimore DT Brodrick Bunkley Florida State
Next in the lineup of teams with awful offenses who draft defensively comes Baltimore apparently. Now, Baltimore could use some support up front, so this isn't an awful pick, but OT Winston Justice would be a better pick to apprentice under an aging Jonathan Ogden.

14 Philadelphia WR Chad Jackson Florida
Philadelphia desperately needs WR help. This is a good pick.

15 Denver RB DeAngelo Williams Memphis
While RB isn't a bad pick, I don't like the type of RB chosen. Williams isn't a bruiser, and in fact Denver already has Williams in Tatum Bell. If LenDale White wasn't lazy he would be a better power back to work with Bell. Otherwise, as we saw in the previous draft, Denver needs another WR badly (or perhaps Winston Justice).

16 Miami OT Winston Justice USC
If Justice is actually available this low Miami could not pass him up. However, the only reason he would be this low would be if morons like Banks were drafting before him.

17 Minnesota CB Tye Hill Clemson
I love Banks' input on this one, "The Vikings have the ammo to move up in the first round in pursuit of a franchise quarterback like Cutler, maybe to No. 10 Arizona. But if they stay put, getting depth for their secondary, where they lost third cornerback Brian Williams in free agency, is the logical choice." Yes, because when you missed the playoffs replacing your third string cornerback is the logical choice in the draft... not replacing your franchise quarterback or top wide receiver.

18 Dallas S Donte Whitner Ohio State
What is it with these people? Dallas doesn't need defensive help as badly as offensive people! Get Sinorice Moss! Get someone on the other side of the field from TO. Get an offensive lineman who can block for Julius Jones. Don't get a safety!

19 San Diego WR Santonio Holmes Ohio State
San Diego needs wide receivers. Holmes is a wide receiver. Easy pick.

20 Kansas City CB Johnathan Joseph South Carolina
Just like last time, I hate Kansas City not starting to replace their aging offense, but their defense continues to struggle to the point that help is necessary. I would say that given the closing window of opportunity, picking a position that is guaranteed to struggle in year one is probably not a great move.

21 New England LB Chad Greenway Iowa
I actually like a CB better here for the Patriots, who have struggled with depth the past two years. Still, getting Greenway here would be a nice coup. Greenway easily fits the smart, playmaker mold of NE linebackers.

22 Denver WR Sinorice Moss Miami
As I said above, Denver needs WRs.

23 Tampa Bay CB Antonio Cromartie Florida State
"Cromartie remains a question mark on some boards, because he missed all of 2005 with a knee injury. But he ran two 40s in the 4.3 range, jumped 42 inches vertically and has shown enough potential to find his way into this section of the first round." This isn't the NBA. Anyone who misses ALL of 2005 with a serious knee injury should not be drafted in the first round. Period.

24 Cincinnati TE Marcedes Lewis UCLA
Do these mock drafters share idiot notes or what? Do they watch NFL games? If I remember correctly, the Bengals had no problem scoring points... it was the points they gave up that bit them in the end. So by that logic, taking a TE solves what? If the Bengals draft offense, they get an automatic F in my draft recap.

25 NY Giants LB Bobby Carpenter Ohio State
If Carpenter is still available this is a major coup for the Giants.

26 Chicago TE Leonard Pope Georgia
FINALLY! A team with major issues on one side of the ball drafts on that side of the ball. Chicago drafts a decent tight end! Don Banks saves the day!

27 Carolina RB Laurence Maroney Minnesota
This is a good long term pick, which I like because it doesn't address anything that would make Carolina favorites in the NFC over the Seahawks.

28 Jacksonville DE Tamba Hali Penn State
Two picks after finally coming through, Banks tumbles back into mediocrity. The Jags need offensive help. Any decent defense really held them in check. Don't let their cake schedule last year fool you into thinking they and Leftwich are fine standing pat.

29 NY Jets RB LenDale White USC
Although I'm a big White fan, if I'm the Jets I'm hoping to take a bit more of a sure thing to back of Curtis Martin, like Maroney. White should be seen as a two-three year project right now.

30 Indianapolis RB Joseph Addai LSU
This is who NY should be taking with the previous pick. If he is still here, good job Indy.

31 Seattle DE Kamerion Wimbley Florida State
I have to give Banks some props for actually considering a DE for the Seahawks when just about everyone else has them looking at CB or S, including John Clayton. However, Wimbley isn't who I would want, as I like either the Louisville or Boston College rushers better.

32 Pittsburgh C Nick Mangold Ohio State
If a decent WR isn't available this is a good pick, but man, if they can't get a decent WR this will be a disappointing draft.

Well, I would probably say that Banks did a better job than our last contestant, but I won't be happy until these people stop filling unnecessary holes. On to more fun!

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