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Saturday, April 29, 2006

2006 NFL Draft: Live Blog

Well, this has started a little late, darn you sleep! Let's just start out by saying that Houston made an AWFUL #1 selection. Mario Williams was, at best, the fifth player in this draft. Just terrible.

1. Houston
Gavin Pick: Reggie Bush (like the rest of the friggin' world)
Mario Williams, DE

Like I said, this is an utterly ridiculous pick. No help for David Carr. Little help for a bad defense. Many bad tidings.

ESPN people going nuts right now over Reggie Bush and New Orleans. NY Jets fans are as close to white trash as I can see. The Jets also could really use those two #1 picks instead of trading them for Bush. The Saints really don't need Bush, they have far too many other holes that RB. Mel Kiper's hair looks a little smaller this year, less an abomination.

2. New Orleans
Gavin Pick: D'Brickishaw Ferguson
Reggie Bush, RB

Jets fans are already complaining. Jets fans are pretty stupid. Who is Deuce McAllister? Colin disagrees, but I would still have looked at Ferguson.

I have to take off now to pick up my dog from the kennel, so Colin will take over from here. Enjoy his witty repartee with his own ego!

Colin: Hey! My ego rocks! Anyone know why Mike Irvin is SO against a grading scale? Hmmmm.

Chris Berman to Reggie Bush: “You’re with me, leather.” (if you don’t get that joke, go to Deadspin)

Ah, yes. Random shots of fat, balding NY Jets fans. Best part of the draft, especially since they are sure to boo whomever the Jets choose (barring them actually doing something smart, like drafting Matt Leinart). By the way, did Berman just link Bush to O.J. Simpson? Good move, Boomer.

Lame Commercial of the Pick: Another stupid train showering Coors Light on everyone. I mean, couldn't I at least get a Guinness here? Some kind of good beer?

3. Tennessee
Gavin Pick: Mario Williams
Vince Young, QB

Well, they did it, picking the potential game-breaking ability of Vince Young over the pro-ready quality of Matt Leinart. I can't disagree with this pick, not after watching the Rose Bowl, where Vince Young simply was the most dominating player on the field. Not Bush. Not Leinart. Not White. Vince Young. Now, it should be a ding on his record to score so low on the Wonderlic, but that can't be the only way to scout an individual. He has always seemed to be an outstanding leader and person you love to have on your team, inspiring everyone around him, and actually apologizing to Texas fans for not winning the Heisman. That's class, and I wish him well with the Titans. If anyone can mold him, it's Norm Chow and Jeff Fisher.

Now, this pick does NOT make the Titans that much better for this next year, but fans still should be fine with this pick. Steve McNair didn't help them right off the bat, but he did give them a trip to the Super Bowl. That's all you can ask, and Vince Young could very easily give them another trip to the Super Bowl down the road.

Random Note: Going back to the SPU story I posted yesterday, the best line I have heard of this was given by Ken Schram of KOMO (thanks of the Crushed Dad for the link). For those of who who don't know this story, a man set up a Final Four style tournament matching off women from Seattle Pacific University, voting for who was the hottest. This has caused MASSIVE outrage and upheaval at SPU, who have poured hatred on the site, calling it "hate speech" and "moving towards rape". Ken's response?:

Didn't it dawn on you that Christian girls aren't allowed to be "hot?"

Ken Schram, ladies and gentleman. Ken Schram.

4. NY Jets
Gavin Pick: Matt Leinart
D'Brickishaw Ferguson, OT

Oooooooh. OK, then. Now, as with Gavin, I can never really disagree with a team drafting the best offensive lineman available. However, I just can't understand where all the criticisms of Matt Leinart came from. This was a player who would have been the unanimous #1 pick last year. He is much better than Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers. Could he be heading back to California and Oakland?

Lame Commercial of the Pick: A Monday Night Football commercial with absolutely no shots of the Seattle Seahawks, but about fifteen shots of the Steelers, Eagles, and Cowboys. That's cool.

I actually agree with Schlereth. A great athletic left tackle is so, so important. See Jones, Walter. Your game plan becomes so much easier when you can write off the rush coming from one side.

Is it just me, or is this draft actually going a little faster this year? Teams aren't actually using every single second of the 15 minutes. That's nice, because you've had three months. Make up your frieking mind.

Did Chris Berman grow an extra chin in the past few months? I swear I'm seeing about four different chins here.

5. Green Bay
Gavin Pick: AJ Hawk
AJ Hawk, OLB

Well, looks like Gavin actually got a pick correct for once. That's a nice change, but, in reality, there was no real way to get this pick wrong. AJ Hawk and Lambeau Field just work well together, and he might challenge Brian Urlacher sooner rather than later as the best defensive player in the NFC North. I know, that's high praise, but this guy has looked really, really good.

Well, it's time for San Francisco to make their first pick, and this is the first guy that will reside in the NFC West. Most are picking Vernon Davis to fit here, which makes both Gavin and I laugh. If they hadn't stupidly picked Alex Smith last year, Matt Leinart would have totally worked here.

And Vernon Davis is just starting to cry. That's probably now a sure thing, isn't it?

6. San Francisco
Gavin Pick: Winston Justice
Vernon Davis, TE

I just don't understand this. Sure, he might be a great tight end. He might be the best tight end in the NFL. He still doesn't help the Niners in a way that other players might. Seems like he must be a nice guy, which is great and all, but, as a Seahawks fan, I heartily applaud this pick. Go Niners!

The talking heads are urping up praise on Davis. He has speed. He has power. He is amazing. He is the second best player in this draft. Blah blah blah blah blah.

He's a tight end. With Alex Smith as your QB, no one as your WR, and Frank Gore as your RB. We can blanket him with about 35 defensive players and let everyone else beat us.

People are still talking about why Matt Leinart is going to slip. This is ridiculous, and I will be pissed if he drops all the way to Arizona, because I really don't want him in the NFC West. This guy was phenomenal at USC. Carson Palmer, remember, didn't win a championship in college. He didn't win the Heisman. Matt Leinart did. Screw the Oakland deep passing game. How has that worked out for you recently? You're SUCKED recently, remember? Pick the best quarterback, get Aaron Brooks out of there as fast as possible, and actually build a winner! Honestly, these rips on Leinart are getting, frankly, ridiculous.

7. Oakland
Gavin Pick: Vince Young
Michael Huff, S

Ridiculous. Yes, this guy should be good, maybe even great. But he's not the franchise quarterback that Leinart will be.

As for Huff, he should make a big difference in that porous Raiders secondary; actually, he might be better than Woodson sooner rather than later. I honestly don't know what else to write about this guy, because I just feel so, so strongly that they should have picked Leinart.

Lame Commercial of the Pick: A bunch of hot construction workers ALSO get some Coors Light.

8. Buffalo
Gavin Pick: Vernon Davis
Donte Whitner, S

This was a guy that some thought that SEATTLE would pick down at #31, so the fact that someone is picking him at #8 is semi-suspect to me.

Mel Kiper: "As a true football player, he was getting high grades."

What in the world does that mean? Who are the false football players out there? Leinart? Cutler? I feel like I'm watching the NBA Draft, where everyone talks about upside, length, and playability (something stupid like that). It is becoming more and more likely that Arizona will end up with Matt Leinart. DANG IT!!

Lame Commercial of the Pick: Yahoo/Prudential Real Estate. Now there's a combo I never thought I would see.

Tom Condon: "As you begin to move through the draft, you begin to hit the better football teams." - Yeah, like Detroit. And Arizona.

9. Detroit
Gavin Pick: Michael Huff
Chad Jackson, WR (just kidding)
Ernie Sims, LB

And that frees up Arizona to do it, to draft the quarterback. Yes, their need is offensive line, but you have to pass that for now if you have the opportunity to draft Matt Leinart. Gavin might disagree with me on that, but Gavin's an idiot.

As for Detroit, that should be a pretty good pick for them, giving them a leader in the middle of their defense to go along with some nice young defensive lineman. Rod Marinelli is a defensive-minded coach, and it should be fun for Detroit fans to watch what might be a fast, powerful defense as Sims grows into his role.


10. Arizona
Gavin Pick: Winston Justice
Matt Leinart, QB

Wow. As an Arizona fan, you have to be ecstatic. You have Edge, you have Fitzgerald and Boldin, you have a new stadium, and you now have Matt Leinart, your franchise quarterback. Wow. In a year or two, you will challenge Seattle for the NFC West title (assuming offensive line growth, of course).

Wow. Great job, Denny Green. And, Arizona fans, you deserve this. Enjoy your time in the sun. In my opinion, after Reggie Bush, this might have the biggest impact on any team in the NFL.

Now it's time for the hated rivals to pick. Please do something stupid, St. Louis. Please.

Sweet. Denver has traded up, St. Louis down.

11. Denver
Gavin Pick: Santonio Holmes, WR
Jay Cutler, QB

Interesting. Looks like Jake Plummer's days are numbered in the Mile High Stadium, and Shanahan will make Cutler into a good quarterback IF Cutler has the intelligence and talent necessary. Denver has automatically become Skip Bayless' favorite team, since Bayless (a Vandy grad) has been slurping Cutler for the last three months. Bayless (and Jaws, and Steve Young) believe that Cutler is the best quarterback in the draft, though I don't know what it means that Cutler is the best "football player" in the draft, as per Steve Young.

Again, does that mean that other quarterbacks aren't "true" football players? I thought Donte Whitner was the most "true" football player....

By the way, looks like St. Louis picked up an extra 3rd rounder for moving down four spots. That might be worth it.....

OK, I have to comment on this. Those stupid runway model things with Bush, Leinart, etc.? Who came up with that idea? Are they related to the marketing genuises who decided on those two twerps for Applebee's?

Baltimore trades up one spot with Cleveland to probably take Ngata.

12. Baltimore
Gavin Pick: Jay Cutler
Haloti Ngata, DT

Yep, that's what they wanted to do, making Ray Lewis incredibly happy, since he's been whining on several television shows about how he needed a space-eater in front of him to free him up to be a superstar (actually, he was probably right).

You might be wondering where Gavin is, since this was supposed to be HIS live-blog. I won't tell the whole story, but it involves a puppy, a crate, and diarrhea. As for me, I'll valiently continue to try and care about some of these selections. Care, dang it! Care!

Lame Commercial of the Pick: ESPN Mobile. Yes, I desperately want to spend hundreds of dollars to turn my cell phone into an ESPN orgy of information. Please, please, disregard the fact that I have the internet, TV, and radio to already give me that same information.

13. Cleveland
Gavin Pick: Kamerion Wimbley, DE/LB

Kamerion Wimbley, DE/LB
Gavin's second correct choice. 2/13. Good job, Gavin, way to make SPU proud. Perhaps, if you had spent less time stuffing pens into your shirt pocket, you might have come up with a better way to predict what teams would do.

I know absolutely nothing about this guy, by the way, so..... whoo hoo! The NFL Draft! Yes! BAM!

14. Philadelphia
Gavin Pick: Chad Jackson, WR
Brodrick Bunkley, DT

And he's baaaaack. Back from picking up a dog with severe diarrhea, who has already soiled herself three times in the past hour. Awesome. Suffice it to say, she does not have the run of the apartment today. Anyways, I've missed quite a bit, more that I'll go over when I do the write-up/grades. A couple of thoughts... Buffalo and San Francisco are morons. Arizona gets a steal, but with Leinart's lack of mobility, if they don't get an offensive line he's going to get killed. I like ESPN's shot of some "athlete" lacing up shoes with the fog machine going and a TV with the Eagles playing on it. That's high comedy.

Anyways, thanks to Colin for picking up where I left off, for the absolutely incredible commentary, and for only ripping on me about half of the time. It is back to GAVIN's LIVE BLOG.

Suzie Kolber actually just asked Denny Green about the draft and the offensive line. His answer essentially was meaningless. "We have more draft picks". Yes you do... you also have the ability to lose many games next year as your current offensive line continues to resemble a sieve.

The selection of Bunkley appears to me to be a bit of an indictment against the lack of growth in Mike Patterson, who was supposed to be the replacement for Corey Simon. I still think they should have gone wide receiver, since their best wide receiver wouldn't be the number four on Seattle.

15. St Louis
Gavin Pick (to Denver): Santanio Holmes, WR
Tye Hill, CB

Terrible Commercial (I guess I'll pick up Colin on this one): All that Orbitz crap. I worked at a hotel and I can guarantee you that people who book online are NOT treated like VIPs. Hotels make little margin and will stick you in a smoking room with one queen... at least I sure did.

And so the Rams at least go defense. They sure did need help at pretty much every position, so I sure can't argue much with this. He's a darn good corner and will help the Rams.

16. Miami
Gavin Pick: Brodrick Bunkley
Jason Allen, CB

Well obviously Miami isn't going to take my player, since he's already off the board. I still think they go defense, either LB or CB.

ESPN promos really tick me off. All those pimp poses with the lights for the draftees? Say what?

Terrible commercial: Spin the bottle, starring San Francisco pants. If it truly was San Francisco, they should consider having it be two dudes. Note: opinions of this blog do not reflect that of or subsidiaries.

Random Note: Sure did like the cutback to Boomer and the gang, followed by Michael Irvin throwing away a kleenex and then putting his hand on Chris Mortenson's, followed by Mort doing the "I'm not gay" rapid hand pull, followed by Mort subtly trying to clean his hands. That's why we live blog.

Interesting pick, don't know a ton about him since he was injured last year for a while. Miami does still need to rebuild its secondary, but I think they had a few other needs.

17. Minnesota
Gavin's Pick: Chad Greenway
Chad Greenway, OLB

Wow. I actually got another one right. But Minny did need some defensive help, although since all the WRs were still available I probably would have gone there. Remember, Koren Robinson. Koren Robinson.

18. Dallas
Gavin's Pick: Sinorice Moss
Bobby Carpenter, OLB

And Dallas, who didn't have any of the safeties available they had been rumored to select, reach for a linebacker instead of helping the offense. Huge Gavin Creed alert right here. Still, when paired with DeMarcus Ware, Dallas has a good young linebacking corps for that 3-4 defense. I suppose the fact Parcells coached his dad didn't hurt.

San Diego should take about two seconds now to pick a WR.

19. San Diego
Gavin's Pick: Johnathan Joseph, CB
Antonio Cromartie, CB

What exactly gives Shawne Merriman the right to ALREADY be a crappy player-analyst? One overrated year?

And now ESPN has that dude with the fog machine hitting a blocking sled? My lord.

Click-clack. Whatever that means, Under Armour.

I like that Coors Light love train commercial. It shows construction workers taking a group break. What a surpise.

Apparently, San Diego needed two seconds to ignore my advice. They really did need another WR. Seriously. Cromartie is a risk. I don't like NFL players with "upside". They just don't pan out as much. I actually agree with Mark Schlereth. "Potential" is a nasty word in the NFL. Now, ESPN did just remind me that the Chargers were 28th against the pass, which is why in my mock draft I had them drafting a corner. I just think that Philip Rivers needed more help in his first year.

20. Kansas City
Gavin's Pick: Ernie Sims, OLB
Tamba Hali, DE

I think David Stern should change the NBA dress code to incorporate that outfit Vince Young is wearing in that promo. That would rock.

Well, Kansas City reaches for that Penn State DE who was dropping down most team's draft boards. He hadn't really made most mock drafts, past Manny Lawson and that BC guy. I know Kansas City needed defensive help, and if he pans out he will give them two great young ends with Jared Allen.

21. New England
Gavin's Pick: Tye Hill, CB
Laurence Maroney, RB

Way to go Jets fans booing Herm Edwards heavily. You guys rule! Go Jets! He didn't just lead your team to a few playoff berths with class, you didn't run him out of town. It was all that jerk's fault.

What a surprise. That SI Pittsburgh Steeler championship commercial came on and I lost my appetite. But I'm not bitter.

Chad Jackson has some terrific eye candy around him.

I'm really surprised by this pick. Not only that the Patriots take a RB with their secondary depth and Corey Dillon, but picking him over DeAngelo Williams, who is definitely more talented. It's like Belichick and friends are bound and determined to prove that they are the geniuses and we are the ignorant peons. Either they will or the Patriots will start slipping back to the middle of the pack. Kiper's hair disagrees with this pick. Of course, since ESPN sucks at Belichick's proverbial teat, they don't spend much time criticizing anything at all.

San Fran sure has a lot of talent here to choose from. All the good WRs are still available and after losing Brandon Lloyd they need it. It will be difficult to argue any pick since just about every position (except TE for crying out loud).

22. San Francisco
Gavin's Pick: DeAngelo Williams, RB
Manny Lawson, DE

Fear the 49ers! They have a collective will in the locker room! Steve Young likes the will!

Well, I picked Williams over Lawson in my mock draft, but this is a good pick. They need some pass rushing to replace Julian Peterson. This will help. Maybe they'll win four games next year instead of three.

Quick prediction with Tampa Bay... Winston Justice is still available. WR help would be good as well...

23. Tampa Bay
Gavin's Pick: Manny Lawson, DE
Davin Joseph, G

Mario Williams sure does scream like a girl.

That United Commercial freaks me out. The after-school special animation plus the message, which apparently is that shoddy marketing graphs will help transmogrify business associates into nice people. I work in marketing. These people are never happy.

Best thing about this NFL draft? The picks are really happening well this time around. Last year I do this live blog and the first round sets a record. This year the picks have been really moving.

Well, at least this means that the Hawks won't draft Joseph. But seriously, did Winston Justice molest children or something? He is far superior to Joseph. Tampa Bay needed to have made that selection. This has been a really odd draft. That's the first time I'll write it and it won't be the last.

24. Cincinnati
Gavin's Pick: Bobby Carpenter, OLB
Johnathan Joseph, CB

I had Joseph going much earlier. He's a darn good one, and Cincinnati doesn't go against the Gavin Creed. One of the better picks of this first round, and I have no apparent criticism.

The Giants have a wealth of options here. Winston Justice, Chad Jackson, another corner. If they are playing the "best player available" card, they have to go offense.

25. New York Giants/Pittsburgh Steelers
Gavin's Pick: Ashton Youboty, CB
Santonio Holmes, WR

These picks start to be really fun, because these are all the teams with the fewest holes. These draft picks could make the difference between a wild card and division title, or how far that team can go in the playoffs. Huge picks.

I like watching Santonio Holmes yawn. Probably as tired of watching all those ESPN people as I am. Do they have him sitting in the warehouse or what?

Mission Impossible III and DHL, delivering your fake face masks for over fifty years.

In that Hampton Inn commercial, those business travelers sure look a lot happier than I normally do. With the sales guys they also forgot to show the beer and strip clubs. Those are pretty much the norm.

And the Steelers make a trade? What's this for? They had tons of options dropping to them at #32... and Santonio Holmes is now the replacement for Antwaan Randle El. While he won't do the trick plays, they obviously felt they needed to pull the trigger to make sure that gaping offensive hole was plugged. Good move. Good pick.

26. Chicago/Buffalo
Gavin's Pick: Mercedes Lewis, TE
John McCargo, DT

The Hawks sure have a ton of options left. All the DEs they were looking at are still left (Kiwanuka and Darryl Tapp). DeAngelo Williams is still left (although he won't be if Indy has a shot at him). Winston Justice is still left. LenDale White and Ashton Youboty are still left. Five picks to go.

Apparently Buffalo just traded for this pick, but I have no idea when or how. Go ESPN. Who the heck is John McCargo? He wasn't anywhere near this on anyone's boards, so why did they make this trade? Doesn't make a ton of sense. Chicago can probably still get Lewis or another TE with the traded-for pick.

Carolina has to pick DeAngelo Williams here. They can't be that stupid to pass on him.

27. Carolina
Gavin's Pick: LenDale White, RB
DeAngelo Williams, RB

This was a really fast pick, and it sure was easy. DeAngelo Williams is an absolute steal here. What a steal.

I just realized that Winston Justice STILL hasn't been taken. Wow.

28. Jacksonville
Gavin's Pick: Leonard Pope, TE
Mercedes Lewis, TE

Excellent pick here by Jacksonville. They needed the offensive help, and having a big guy in the middle of the field will help Byron Leftwich. He has good hands. The teams at the bottom of the draft are starting to capitalize on all the poor picks earlier today.

29. New York Jets
Gavin's Pick: Laurence Maroney, RB
Nick Mangold, C

Seattle will have a shot at Ashton Youboty I would assume, because neither the Jets or the Colts will pick him. I suppose the same with Jimmy Williams, even if he's a punk. Winston Justice is a dark horse too...

This isn't a bad pick at all. I think with the RBs available they could have gone there, but getting a guaranteed replacement for Kevin Mawae is terrific. The more I think about it, and better I like it. As always, get the offensive line set. Good pick. Now Indy has a big choice at RB. Let's see what they take.

Colin and I are starting to discuss that after I was drooling over LenDale White even DURING the college season that the Hawks are going to have a shot at him. That is strange.

30. Indianapolis
Gavin's Pick: Joseph Addai, RB
Joseph Addai, RB

Again a fast pick. We are rolling. Addai was the fit for him and this is a good pick.

And we are on the clock for Seattle! Look at all the quality available. The DEs and CBs are there. Winston Justice is there. LenDale White is there. I wouldn't be surprised if we take all 15 minutes to make up our minds. I can't guess, but I'm pumped about this. I have to go to the bathroom.

31. Seattle
Gavin's Pick: Daryl Tapp
Kelly Jennings, CB

Are they STILL showing that chick in the bathroom Southwest Airlines commercial? How long has that been playing now?

Have I mentioned that I hate those fog machine promos yet?

I like how it's been 10 minutes that the Hawks have been on the clock and ESPN hasn't actually talked about the TEAM yet.

And we take that CB, meaning we probably won't be going after Ty Law. We don't need a home run. We need a safe pick, like what Kiper is talking about. He's a quality guy, and our defense is stronger because of him. It might not be incredibly exciting, but who would have been?

Kudos to Boomer on the penalty flag joke.

32. Pittsburgh/New York Giants
Gavin's Pick: Nick Mangold, C
Mathias Kiwanuka, DE

Umm... doesn't this team have Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan? Don't they need CB help or LB help or WR help? I'm more than a little confused about this one.

That's the first round campers! More fun to follow! I'll be doing draft grades next week.

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