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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Welcome Fantasy Baseball!

If there's one great thing about baseball season it's fantasy baseball, which is primarily the only way M's fans can keep interested in the sport after August. I'm in two leagues this year, one with friends and one with some work pals who happen to be Mets fans.

Unfortunately that latter league happens to be rotisserie. I'm not a huge rotisserie fan for the main reason that it is "lame". Weekly head-to-head is far more entertaining and does a better job keeping everyone in the championship hunt for the entire season (unless you are the Crushed Dad, whose fantasy luck runs pretty darn shallow). Regardless, you know the feeling when you are doing a draft and holding out for one player? He creeps up closer and closer until you can taste him? In our leagues some jerk like Colin would take that player right before me. In this rotisserie league I got every single player I wanted (well, after the first two rounds when I was sleeping... stupid East Coast bias time zone problems).

So I will have one league with King Felix. Other studs I was hoping for on my pitching staff are Rich Harden, Mark Buerhle, F-Rod, and Jason Isringhausen. The computer picked David Wright for me in round two, pretty funny in a game full of Mets fans. Then Victor Martinez dropped into my lap, so I took him and ran. Bobby Crosby is my shortstop wizard. Johnny Damon should hopefully grab runs for me and yes, I do have the steroid king in Bonds, who I picked in like the 14th round. All in all Colin think it's a pretty strong team, but since it's rotisserie I could really care less.

More to come over the weekend...

Go Fantasy! Take me away from my job into a land of gumdrops and fairies!

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