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Monday, March 06, 2006

Welcome Back, Shaun!

And it's done.

Shaun Alexander will remain a Seahawk, agreeing to an 8 year, $62 mill deal with $15 mill guaranteed money.

Read Sando for the details. Read, if you dare, Celizic and Kelley for analysis

What do I think about this deal?

I love it. Absolutely love it.

About a week ago, Gavin and I debated the future of Shaun's relationship with the Hawks, looking at his age, abilities, and the finances involved. We finished with the statement that we wanted Shaun back, but not to break the bank to get it done.

Done and done. Sure, this is a record deal, but does ANYONE actually think that this deal is meant to last for 8 years? Anyone? $15 mill in guaranteed money is, I believe, less than we gave both Walter Jones and Matt Hasselbeck, and the actual cost per year of Shaun will remain at around the $6.25 mill that we paid him last year (for the first few years of this contract). Basically, the extra doodads were added to make the deal look amazing and give Shaun some nice feelings about having a record running back deal. In reality, he will be the second highest paid running back, behind Tomlinson, which is fair.

Shaun Alexander is good to go for 2, maybe 3 years (4 is stretching it). He makes the Hawks dangerous immediately to return to the Super Bowl. The #1 offense in football is now back, only needing some tweaks to the wide receiving corps to settle everything down.

Listen, teams need to be frugal for a reason. So they can sign the superstars to superstar contracts. The Seahawks have now succeeded at both of these tasks, and Ruskell has, once again, shown up as an excellent football man, quelling my fears for the moment.

Here's the great thing about the NFL, folks. When Shaun starts to rapidly deteriorate, we cut him, losing very little. When Shaun is producing lights-out, we have him. On our team. That's win-win, right there.

Now, the next question will be Shaun's performance after getting this big contract. Will he continue to pass-block effectively? Will he catch some passes? Will he continue to cut-back with impunity, and limit his opportunities for injuries? One thing is for sure. He will be running behind one heck of an offensive line, and THAT is a great thing.

If you want to read more of what I think about this, read our analysis a few weeks ago. But, short answer? Great deal, and the Seahawks have reestablished themselves as one of the favorites to represent the NFC in Miami.

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At 9:34 AM, Anonymous MarinerGeek said...

I freaked when I heard he got an 8 year deal, but that was based on my ignorance on how NFL contracts work. But I've read several analyses that have come to the same conclusion you guys did - 3 or 4 year contract with a bunch of fluff to give Shaun bragging rights.

Sounds like a great deal for both sides.


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