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Friday, March 24, 2006

UW vs Connecticut: Keys to the Game

I should probably start this out by saying that in no way do I consider us a favorite to win this game. If we do win it will be an upset, and rather a large one. With that said, here are five keys to put Washington on their way to the Elite Eight.

1. Keep Brockman, Jensen, Jones out of foul trouble.
We need these guys to play a ton of minutes on the defensive end against this much bigger Connecticut squad. Jon Brockman has to be a rebounding machine. Mike Jensen has to at least not suck as much as normal against Josh Boone etc. Bobby Jones will be going against Marcus Williams, Rashad Anderson, Devin Brown or whatever other Husky is hot at the time. These defensive stoppers will set the tone and we need a tone to be set.

2. Keep second chance points to a minimum.
When you're playing a larger team like UConn, you know you will be giving up the rebound battle. However, they are far too talented to give second and third chance opportunties. We have to hold those points under 15.

3. Get hot from three.
Let's be honest. Josh Boone and Hilton Armstrong will block everything in the lane. That means we need to force them outside. We need Ryan Appleby and Mike Jensen to hit big threes. We need to be at least at the 40% mark, if not 50% mark for the game. When you're the underdog, make threes.

4. We need to get their bigs in foul trouble.
If we do drive, we need to get a foul. Roy is great at this type of body control. Dentmon is getting better at it. Jamaal Williams needs to try and not just shoot fadeaways. I know UConn has a lot of depth, but a steady stream of free points is necessary to help keep pace.

5. Get Roy the Damn Ball
Brandon Roy may be the best player left in this tournament. He needs to touch the ball on almost every possession. He needs 30 points. He needs to dominate. We will go where he goes.

This will be a difficult task, but let's keep some faith and hope for the best!

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