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Saturday, March 04, 2006

UW Proves Its Worth

It's been five hours and I still can't believe that the Huskies pulled that game out. Arizona played about as well as they are capable of. I'm a little superstitious sometimes about how I watch basketball. Every time I turned the game on the Wildcats put on a run, so I quit watching at times to let the Huskies get back in, so I'm not completely sure how we did it.

Here's what I do know. Arizona shot 6-10 from downtown, 42 percent overall from the field. The Huskies turned the ball over 16 times to only 10 from Arizona. Brandon Roy was held from taking the game over. We only shot 7-19 from deep. Yet we won.

We won because the Huskies, this smallish team, outrebounded the larger Cats 35-22. That's huge. We won because Justin Dentmon is growing up as a player and came up with two huge steals at the end of the game. We won because Jon Brockman was a fiend all over the court. We won because our half court offense struggled through the pressure to achieve a 46% percentage from the field. Most of all, we won because this UW team is finally strong enough mentally to overcome cheap fouls, turnovers, and themselves to win tough games, and that bodes well for the tournaments in the future.

Arizona's a good team. Pick them as a sleeper in your bracket. They are a good team, playing on their senior night at home with tons of emotion, and the Dawgs were better. Go UW!

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