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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

If you were faced with a fantasy baseball trade that would be you giving away David Wright for Troy Glaus would you:
A) Laugh Hard
B) Sit dumbfounded that someone would offer a trade that idiotic
C) Ask for Miguel Tejada, Glaus and David Ortiz
D) All of the above

I was faced with that scenario today. Apparently a Mets fan thought I would do him a favor. The favor is me even considering trading Wright.

Anyways, on to the Explosion!!

- So Mike Holmgren is thinking about leaving. God, I hope he makes up his mind soon because there is no way I can put up with the type of articles out today for an entire season. Obviously we hope he stays. He's an amazing coach. We know Allen will throw gobs of money at him, buy him several more motorcycles and let him ride in that spaceship. If Holmgren wants to be a GM again, bad idea and shame on whatever team would decide to give him that opportunity. If he's just tired (and it sure doesn't look like his family is interested in him continuing) then congrats and ride off into the sunset. Just do it now. Don't go all Brett Favre on us (like I'm super looking forward to all that uber-hype again).

- In other Hawks news, Andre Dyson signed a really reasonable deal with the NY Jets, which begs us to wonder exactly why we cut him. We definitely do need another corner. Get on that, Ruskell. Also, Holmgren has apparently made up his mind and says that Pork Chop Womack will be the starting left guard next to Walter Jones replacing Steve Hutchinson, which means that Tom Ashworth will probably be replacing Chris Gray in our lineup. Both are positive moves.

- The Sonics heard my plea to lose and got smoked by Houston. Luckily the gods are smiling down on us in the form of Rashard Lewis' sprained ankle. Now we only need to lose a few more and we'll be set.

- There's a pretty good article on the Husky football team today in the PI that goes through the team. I'll be more excited when football season is actually close, but there are some good solid young players out there ready to step up and contribute. The Huskies will be improved. They have to be.

That's all for today, because there's no way I'm touching that steroids crap.

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