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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Although we are in our MLB-Preview mode, it still doesn't keep us from rocking our normal every-day selves down your collective throats. With that said, on to the fun!

- We'll start off with one of those preachy national articles from ESPN columnists that I hate, this time from the pen of David Schoenfield. Mr. Schoenfield's main argument appears to be that baseball doesn't have a competitive balance problem as opposed to the NBA and the NFL. His "statistics" surround how many teams have made the playoffs or won a World Series in recent years. Here's my "statistic". The AL East standings in 2005: NY, Boston (tied), Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa Bay. 2004: NY, Boston, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Toronto. 2003: New York, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa Bay. 2002: NY, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa Bay. 2001: NY, Boston, Toronto, Baltimore, Tampa Bay.
Are we getting the picture yet? Baseball's financial situation means that teams like New York and Boston can literally buy wins out from under the people in their own division. Rubes like Schoenfield like to preach about all the new winners, but even surprises like the Marlins have to blow up their core within the next year-two because of the financial realities of the baseball market. The reason San Antonio and New England can become dynasties is that the system rewards them for astute drafting and signing. Baseball's system rewards gluttons. Yes, there are GMs like Billy Beane who have a gift for reloading, but do you think he would like to still have Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada, Tim Hudson, Jason Isringhausen and Mark Mulder on his club? Hmmm.... look, it's great that we've had some wild card winners recently and some other teams have shown up, but to take that and make the claim that competitive balance is fine goes smack in the face of what we see year in and year out.

- The NFL released its preseason schedule. The Hawks get one game on NBC, at Indy, so my preseason tickets will officially go on sale the moment I receive them. If I'm already going to see Oakland in the regular season, the desire to see them in the preseason is...

- Peter King actually defends the Seahawks from illogical Viking fan! Then asks legitimate question about lack of Monday night appearance on opening weekend! Can it be that I can agree with Peter "NE ranked higher in power rankings AFTER having been eliminated" King twice in one day?

- A few M's notes, apparently all good for once. Jeremy Reed will be back, meaning we don't have to face another Wilson Valdez experiment to open the season. Greg Dobbs and Mike Morse were sent to AAA, meaning the gents at USS Mariner can do some backflips. I hope we keep both Petagine and Borchard on the roster after Lawton comes back, but know that Mike Hargrove and his insane 12 man pitching staff won't allow that. Let's see, instead of reputable backup outfielder we can have awful reliever. Makes sense?

- A few Hawks notes as well. I am in favor of attempting to get Joey Harrington as our backup. The guy is a good QB and perhaps can do well in our situation without the #1 pick pressure. Anything that gives Seneca Wallace the chance to be on the field more is fine by me. Also excited about resigning Maurice Morris, which continues to whittle that offseason shopping list down. Mack Strong is a stud, and I was personally glad to see him ignore offers from other teams to come back and be Shaun's mate in the backfield. He is too important to what we do. Finally, Ken Hamlin should be back by minicamps, which means the coaching staff (with new defensive coordinator John Marshall) will have a long look at where he is to see if the draft should go towards that defensive end I want or a backup safety. Offseason list now: backup QB, resign Josh Brown, backup DE, backup S, CB.

- The Sonics are irritating me with all these last second wins. They are now 8-4 their last 12 games. For crying out loud, I already believe in you next year. Lose now to get Brandon Roy!!

- Finally, Spencer Hawes is named a Parade All-American, meaning we gain one while losing B-Roy. The future of Husky basketball is bright, friends. We need to enjoy it while the getting is good.

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