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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ultimate Explosion!!

Campers, it is Ultimate Explosion Time, and you know what that means... a heaping help of obsequious garbage pushed down your throat by an egotist!

Moving along to the fun...

- Brandon Roy has been named a first team AP All-American. His stock is going to do nothing but rise between now and the draft. I would be shocked if he slipped all the way to the Sonics, but if they passed on him I would perhaps literally cry.

- The Sonics are going to have an even harder time drafting that Roy fellow if they keep winning games like yesterday against the Spurs. Come on guys, we're already interested in next season, quit rubbing it in! Lose while giving us hope! Still, if there's a team I like beating, it's Bruce (kickin') Bowen and Manu (floppin') Ginobili. Generally speaking, I hate the Spurs. I do really like Ray Allen, and feel that as long as he's on our team we have a chance to be a solid playoff force each year. I also love the quote in this article about Earl Watson telling Bob Hill that he wanted Luke Ridnour to play the fourth quarter. If those two can coexist well, we are set for years at point.

- Back to the Huskies and Roy, who we are going to really miss, along with Jamaal Williams and Bobby Jones. Mike Jensen is cheered on his departure. I will not miss his penchant for crushing boneheaded mistakes, capped off by the three-point play on Marcus Williams on Friday night. Speaking of the game, if you read my long rambling game thread I do rant about the officiating a lot, but I agree with Coach Romar that the Dawgs still had multiple opportunities to win. If they don't hit that three with Appleby in the face of the shooter we win. Simple as that. It was fitting that UConn missed a tying three yesterday. Good article on what to look forward to next year, which is basically an amazing incoming class. I think we will definitely be the biggest team in the Pac-10, able to muscle opposing teams inside. Brockman, Artem Wallace, Joe Wolfinger, Spencer Hawes are more of a force than we've had in years. Add some Bobby Jones clones to the mix and we will be a good defensive squad that struggles to score consistently. If that sounds familiar, check out a UCLA team in the Final Four. If the current team had played defense better in the final few minutes and overtime, they're in the Final Four.

- The Mariners start in a week. I'm not excited yet, although I am signing up for that USSMariner feed on Sunday. My first game will be next Friday to watch the season debut of King Felix, preferably with no shin splints. While there are a plethora of articles today bemoaning the lack of bullpen performances, I could care less. The final two slots are not that important. What is important is Rafael Soriano, JJ Putz, Julio Mateo, and Eddie Guardado closing games for us. George Sherrill is far better than his numbers indicate as well. This bullpen will be a strength.

- On to the NFL, where apparently a trip to the Super Bowl still isn't enough to get the Hawks into top primetime game. Instead, networks would rather show San Diego-Oakland. That is riveting TV, folks. I can't imagine the overhype the "Manning Bowl" is going to get as well. I might just avoid ESPN for the two weeks leading up to that mess. When is the schedule released anyways?

- Finally, just can't do one of these without a Hawk article. Good recap of our offseason so far.

- Oh, I almost forgot, I did get that commemorative Seahawk DVD in the mail over the weekend and can't wait to watch it. Go Hawks!

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